Friday, May 1, 2020



O Bird!!

O bird!!
Keep a watch on me
I may go somewhere wrong
For the love I have cherished
To me it does no more belong

O bird!!
Don’t take your eyes off me
For my heart is heavy with pain
Her memory is fresh in my mind
And I feel it may drive me insane

O bird!!
Don’t chirp today please
I can hear her voice in you
Let me forget her to live long
And let a seed of love sprout anew

It Is Spring Time

It is spring time and tender leaves
Sprout in fronds to flutter in wind
Earth gets draped in a new green
Leaving memory of winter behind

It is spring time and fragrance from
Tender leaves flits across the land
A cool wind blows towards the river
And at noon gets settle on the sand

It is spring time and a pleasant dawn
Breaks early upon peaks of high hill
Crystal water catches the clear sky
A lone star at its shore stands still

It is spring time and new buds with
New colours hold the earth in a trance
An elusive light graze past treetops
Making the bees and birds to dance

Its spring time and a soft song of the
Cuckoo comes floating from woods
Feeling the air heavy with romance
It longs to meet its mate and broods

It is spring time and essence of your
Youth hovers around minds of young
The white flower tucked in your hair
Signals that the love is pure and strong


They say your eyes are beautiful
Like the bubbles on a glass of wine
Intoxicating and lilting as a song

Tears fill around their rims
Swollen with dreams of sleepless
Nights they look tired as petals wooed
By perpetual nagging of surly butterflies

They say your eyes hide mystery
Like that lives in a hollow cave since
Centuries to be unravelled by a brave
Soul who gives a sojourn without a notice

They say your eyes are beautiful
Like the sparkling foams in the sea
Appearing and disappearing as wind
Of love makes the tear to well up and spill


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