Friday, May 1, 2020




She is a lovely little lady
Quite spry for her age
She is fun on every level
Never resorts to tantrums or rage.

At times she was rich
And sometimes poor
No matter what
She remained always demure.

Wherever she could she would spread a smile
It would make any sadness pass in a while

It gave her pleasure to share what she had
There was never a time when she really got mad
When we visited she would invite us to stay
Till later she would send us with a kiss on our way

Then one day a turn of events appeared
I had stopped by her house to be cheered
The greeting I got was anything but warm
My brain immediately sounded alarm.

The lady who always looked so proper and prim
Seemed in a puddle of blood or was it jelly to swim
“Leave me alone,” she did stutter
Followed by a vile curse I’d never heard her utter.

I felt to me as if I had gotten hit by a truck
That I knew her good side became her luck
Knowing how sweet and happy her mannerism was
Made me decide to stay and check for the cause

Then suddenly she gave out a loud scream
Choked, then spit out what looked like cream
Irritated she stamped her feet
I realized that for 911 emergency was dire need.

The poor lady a seizure had had
That I had stayed and acted I was now very glad.
Had she been a nasty old witch during times before
I admit I would quickly have been out the door.

Our lady friend, she recovered well
To whoever wanted to hear this story she would tell
I got more praise than I deserved
She will never know that I had between decisions swerved.

It seems true that if a good deed one does perform
It reaches the universe and becomes one’s norm
Good produces good, so try to be nice
It is only fair that being bad has rightfully its price.

Monkey – Monkey

In a Zoo and born in a cage
Puck had no wish a challenge to wage.
Given the daily necessities
He had no desires, did not seek release.
Wild monkeys came to visit from the outside
Tried to convince Puck to join in their fight
Stressing that freedom is everybody’s right.

“I see it is hard for you to survive,” said Puck
“Why would I give up my easy life, why tempt luck?
“Do you have no far- reaching goal?
No yearning that inhibits your soul?”
Puck was asked by the free roaming monkey bunch.
“Don’t you have about liberty a hunch?”

Puck shook his head. “All I hear of is killing and war
Animals are tormented more and more.”
With gusto a banana he peeled.
While happily on a swing he kneeled.
“I can climb around or go to sleep,
At all times the advantage of choice I reap.”

As the exchange of words went on
A caregiver entered the cage with a ton.
He refreshed the water and cleaned the floor.,
Done, with a smile and a mumble he shut the door
“You animals for sure have a good life
For comfort like this I myself always strive.”

Aha, Puck thought
If a human would like to change with me
No advantage in being free, I can see.
The group of wild monkeys went their way
They saw no use near the captive to stay.
Being monkeys they could not understand
What with “To each his own. Is meant.

My Garden

Year after year my garden goes through stages
As does our body while it ages
With spring incarnation begins
The embryo is free of sins.
Virgin plants push through the earth
Like babies do at time of birth.

In summer the splendor makes whistling winds sing
The June bride shivers with joy and takes her ring.
Flowers and trees thrive in their beauty,
The man in his prime is conscious of duty.

When fall comes nature acquires a veil
And the minds of people follow this trail.
Remote sadness mingles with peace,
Leaves unwillingly abandon their trees.

During winter grounds fall dormant in snow and ice
The human heart beats calm and wise.
All is filled with anticipation of the unknown
God gave us nature and life as a loan.


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