Friday, May 1, 2020



Saving This Generation

We often heard tough men says,
‘let us save this generation’
Save from whom?
Save from where?
Save from what?

From antipathy? From World War 3?
or from the diseases brought by new rendezvous
new drugs conceived and invented
a multi-billion business of rich
and the hungry for fame and money

Poor guinea pigs, poor, poor countries!

illicit connivance
like my perfume illicit fragrance
smells so good to me
too tempting not to engage
let’s save this generation
from the wrath of the Highest
who burned Sodom and Gomorrah
do not look back, do not even try.
Poems: Eden S Trinidad

The Secrets Of Life

Life is a mixture of hot water, sugar, coffee and cream
With lots of stirring by a teaspoon before sipping
Its addictive, oh yes, addiction I suppose
From conceiving mom asking for sour mangoes then ice cream
In the middle of the night craving for pineapple without eyes
And guava fruit without its seeds
Hates the male scent of her husband
Nauseating and vomiting is her morning ordeal
Life is a mixture of hot water, sugar, coffee and cream.
Oh, the secrets of life
Begin from conception
Of the unseen but felt life in her womb
The whys of life
Outburst of emotion,
Happens when life friction
started to get in motion
Crazy web entanglement
Capricious embellishments
Life is a mixture of hot water, coffee, sugar and cream

Is Life Fair?

Men carve lyrics sometimes hard to understand
To show off how intellectual they become
For people to adore, sing praises about them
A know it all, airy and computer savvy.

Is it a grave mistake?
That rich man and wealthiest
Live above the level of mediocrities
Caprices are beyond our reach
The language of lawyers and executives
Those who went to exclusive universities
Thinking highly of themselves
Seemed they are needless
Different as well for those who just are merely pretending
Or it is being made this way.

Did God make a mistake?
That life is not fair
Some smirks, some care
Or this is real life, and we should bear…


EDEN SORIANO TRINIDAD: Eden loves learning new things, achieving and accomplishing great endeavors in life that will bring great impact to humanity as a whole. It is her advocacy to promote peace, harmony, and global healing through poetry, literature, music, arts and humanitarian works. She is an international poet. A school director in a mission school in the Philippines which she pioneered in 1991. She is the Featured Cover of the 1st Album of Foreign Poets published under the Influence of Chinese Poetry in China. Bestowed upon her several international recognition and awards from the different International Poetry groups and events. She is the 1st Holder of Goodwill Ambassador for Waheed Center Humanity and Humanitarian Development Center (WCHHD) in Ghana Africa and the Ambassador for Creativity and Humanity in the Kingdom of Morocco under the International Forum for Creativity and Humanity (IFCH) both are officially and legally registered in their respective countries.  She is also a member of China Poetry Network and China Writer Network.  Her compositions have been translated at published worldwide on online and printed magazines, websites in different languages such as Telugu and Hindi India languages, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Polish, Nepali, Arabic and Spanish.  She is the translator of an epic book of the great and famous Indian Thoracic surgeon, Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad in Filipino  titled, “The Casket of Vermillion”, the 108 Zen Poems of Zen Master Krishna Prasai of Nepal  titled “ Sun Shower”, and the epic book of a famous Vietnamese poet and author Man Van Phan titled “ Era of Junk”. Her poems are translated and published by Dr. L Sr Prasad in Telugu Language titled “Eden Blooms”, “Symphony of Souls” (Eden Blooms 2) is be published by Evince Publishing, Eden Poems another bilingual poetry book of her in Hindi language by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay, and the famous Serbian poet -author- Dr. Professor Milutin Djurickovic will be publishing a bilingual poetry book of her in Serbian Language.

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