Friday, May 1, 2020



A Musician Of Silence

the last street musician,
goes quiet into the dark.

He strained his shoulder
tired guitar.

He put it on his head
struck hat
alms coins.

No one noticed
the gap of the street,
the silence of the pavement.

No one noticed
loneliness in myself.

The Words Except

I feel,
I need you
write a song,
just like that
what do you like,
riddled with rhyme
entangled in dreams.

No I did not
the one from the empty
I'm yours,
quite yours
woven with weaves
free thought,
free verse.


we choose together,
sad and forever.

Truth or Dare?
It was a lie in truth.

The hunter was honest.

King and queen
they ate grains of rice.



DIJANA UHEREK STEVANOVIC was born in 1968 in Garesnica, Croatia. In 1986 she came to Subotica, graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in Kikinda and later the Pedagogical Faculty in Sombor - a master. Employed at the Miroslav Antic Elementary School in Palić. She lives in Subotica, Serbia. It has been included in over 70 joint international proceedings. Independent collections "TIMELY" "ALWAYS" "NOTOVED", "NAMED", "IT" "WAR OF LIGHT" "TIMELY - ARTEMIDE" "INVISIBLE" "HEAVEN IN THE TEETH" "UNFINISHED" "VEDRINA" In the "Songs of Honor" competition, the song "Rhythm of Silence" won first place with audience votes. She was awarded the SUBOTIC POPULAR Oscar in 2013 for her achievements in literature. She participated in the Poetry of the Year competition of Balkan poets and won first place in the first season of 2012/2013. Winner of the "Diogen" competition. She is the organizer of the "International Poetry Collections Citat rs", the international collection of poems and stories for children "Embrace Life" - intended for children with cancer, the international poetry and prose collections "Naked Life in Art" and "On the Margins of Life". She has published a book of poems and stories for the children of "Sunflower" together with her students and poets in the Balkans. She is a participant of many international poetry meetings and organizer of the FIRST ART OLYMPICS. She writes reviews and book reviews, and her poems have been translated. She is a member of the International Art Association "Vision", the International Community of Creators, the Croatian Literary Society and others. She is the founder of the Balkan Artists Association. The President of the Delegation of Serbia and the Ambassador of the U.M.P. nominated by Silvano Cavaliere Bortolazzi Nobel Prize winner, Founder of the nonprofit SCUOLA DI POESIA - SCHOOL OF POETRY - SCUOLA INTERNAZIONALE DI POESIA - UNIONE MONDIALE DEI POETI - WORLD UNION OF POETS - UMP and Gold and Platinum Award winner international collaborations and poetry, winner of the Literary Feather Award for the 2016 Poetry Book in Croatia and the Literary Feather Award for contribution to promoting culture and international cooperation for 2019.

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