Friday, May 1, 2020



Love Effervescent

I hum a tune, that’s what I do!
Coarse words, I have erased
Words that had become blades.
The scars from my burning tears healed!
My bosom swelled with rupture…
You bestow on me the blossoms of your bliss!
The naked line of painful memories has been immortalized …
Now, life bears the hue of flames,
Passion carries the blaze of light…
My soul finally has a voice because your breath
exudes love effervescent!
Now the wind has carved your name on my chest…
Now time is set to everlasting Dawn…
Where together our gazes will roam!

Fare Ye Well.

Merciless daughter of boundless silence,
a feather trampled by invisible bodies.
Object of wasted desire
lashing the  body.
You stood out!
And I offered you
wholesome love and chaste sentiments
but you chose to plunge your body and soul
in a whirlpool of dead-end emotions,
resisting my every move!
So, I bid you goodbye,
my soul steeped in sorrow!
For the life
you never lived,
For the love
you never found!
I let you wallow in the oblivion
of your insecurities!
I wring the pain
wrapping my arms around my chest,
I dry up my tears,
tearing my soul apart,
I pick up the pieces
of my broken heart
and l take my leave.
Because I love you!

Life Scenario

People tangled up in meaningless relations
tormented by conventions,
lies and deceit, selfishness and greed.
Truth is but a black sheep.
Discretion nowhere to be seen.

Draw a line across
the tyranny of dos and don’ts,
clench your fists
keep facing ahead.
Teach your heart never to dread!

Take a deep breath,
shout a cheer for life’s wealth
fly the banner of your ideals
and soar with them up high!
Spread your wings
keep your gaze steady and clear
and look up at the Sky!


RANIA ANGELAKOUDI lives most of the time in Greece. She was born in a small town in Sweden and dreaming of became a painter. She studied everything about great painters. At the same time, she started introduce herself in poetry writing some two or three lyrics as a teenager. Later on at university she studied English Literature and language. This helped her to meet the famous British and American Poets. In combination with the Greeks created her own poetic path receiving many international and national awards. The most important in 2015 under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of culture based in Ankona. She was awarded in a special ceremony and she is the unique Poetess in Greece who has received that honour. She has nominated as the ‘Icon for World Peace’ in November 2016. Later on January 2017 she was titled Ambassador at large for Greek and Swedish Branches for WIP organization. She has contributed work to a number of national and international Collections and Anthologies. She works as a Journalist and a Teacher. She is an active environmentalist, supporter for human rights and peace in the world.

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