Friday, May 1, 2020




When I look outside at the melted ice
and watch the pouring water down the drain
my heart elopes with the sun; feels so nice.

I look up in the sky, searching for rain
but, lo and behold, grey clouds drift away
and my eyes turn to the lawn, feeling pain.

I watch with innocence a child at play
purring like kitten, riding on a swing
knowing snow will be gone as of today.

Grass will be green again with coming Spring
can’t wait to get my rake, combing the lawn
chatting with neighbours about everything.

How I am excited, like birds at dawn
I stare, so unable to be withdrawn.

Covid - 19

it strikes at you
without prior notice
of wearing protective face mask:
extraordinaire corona
takes your breathing away

Nothing I Can Do

Nothing I can do
in this hurried world
to make it happen:
so I will take my chances
and watch the river
flowing into the ocean –
I cannot stop the flow.
So I will take my chances
listening to song sparrows
on tree tops
singing a melodious song for me –
I cannot stop them from singing.
So I will take my chances
and watch bees pollinating
hibiscus and bougainvilleas
and buzzing around my face
asking if I can do this –
I cannot stop them from buzzing.
So I will take my chances
and sit on the patio
listening to rain
pitter-patter on roof tops;
hoping to see the sun
before day turns night –
I cannot do this.
If patience is the mother
of unforgiving virtue
I will make every effort
for full accreditation;
nothing I can do.


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