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Waiting In Line For Death

The poem was inspired by the book “The Choice - Embrace the Possible” by Edith Eva (Edie) Eger.


I have pushed the fear into the shadow

I do not ask why I am alive

and THEY drifted up with the smoke

how to maintain the balance

when I see




and humiliation

I escape into the world of music

I hear someone playing the violin

I forget about humiliation for a moment

and the death of the closest ones

I have to dance for my life

the floor of the barrack turns into a scene

in my mind I pray for myself and the torturer

who killed my family

I am free in my soul

he will not rest

dancing saved my life.




Trying To Adjust To The Pain


at night I die of fear

if I get up in the morning on my own


the sun outside the window gives signs

saying that everything will pass

I don't believe

sometimes it lies


I was trying to catch up with the joy

I got stuck at the crossroads

the road strewn with thorns

moves me away from it


the hourglass of life still passes the days through

someone has said that a rainbow has come out of the river.

all I see is a shrunken stump.




The Greatest Happiness

Is To Be Born At A Good Time


a life postponed for a while

is not always perfect


my eyes wandering

to the photographs

I am looking for the past


some throw

cool glances

and the smell of history


I would like to revive them

change the landscape of the thoughts

release the feelings


before traveling to the new

reborn life

I will wear comfortable shoes




ALINA ANNA KUBERSKA, a poet from Łódź, is the author of six volumes of verse, two novels and various stories. Her poetry forms part of several dozen collections of poems and numerous almanacs. She has presented her works not only in Poland, but also abroad. For five years she owned an international poetry website. Currently, she is the vice president of Association of Polish Authors (SAP) in Warsaw.

Translation – Ewa Kuberska



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