Thursday, July 1, 2021





In The White Of Life


The world I look for

in the yeast of a primitive sky,

at the center of a spark

not human,

in the shyness of adolescent colors.

And I know that the jargon of the time

doesn’t change my constant scrutinizing

of the grooves and breaths of earth.

I experience the fascination

of a perfect dew,

I slip into the white of life,

I clean my flesh

in embryos of religion

and I open the palate

to a future

that calls me.



Monteverde And My Cheeks


The prompt elm trees

of Ozanam road

they open wide green resentments

on top of the heights of buildings

and cells of pedestrians.

Patient my breath

slips in between ancient hierarchies

of sidewalks,

in the refined vapor

of a primitive hubris

that was the summit of poetry

and life

in blood to Pasolini.

At a crossroads,

Monteverde and my cheeks

inherit silences

from the confessions

of a pine.

Breaths of prayer,

fragments of sanctity

they teach steps

and knuckles on terraces

the weighted heat of history.

It being in my eyes

to reproduce blushes of wisteria

and manes of rock

mask lucidity of origins




My Skin Sees


My skin sees

as when air

explores sap.

I want to collapse

on your masculine contours,

force the knees

and discover the place,

the pleasure

and its strength.




MICHELA ZANARELLA was born in Cittadella (PD) in 1980. Since 2007 she lives and works in Rome. She published the following collections of poetry: Credo (2006), Risvegli (2008), Vita, infinito, paradisi (2009), Sensualità (2011), Meditazioni al femminile (2012), L'estetica dell'oltre (2013), Le identità del cielo (2013), Tragicamente rosso (2015), Le parole accanto (2017), L’esigenza del silenzio (2018), L’istinto altrove (2019). In Romania the collection Imensele coincidenţe (2015) was published in a bilingual edition. In the United States, the collection translated in english by Leanne Hoppe "Meditations in the Feminine", was published by Bordighera Press (2018). Author of fiction books and texts for the theater, she is a journalist of Periodico italiano Magazine and She is one of the eight coauthors of Federico Moccia's novel "La ragazza di Roma Nord" published by SEM. Her poems have been translated into English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Portuguese, Hindi and Japanese. She won the Creativity Prize at the Naji Naaman's 2016 International Award. She is an ambassador for culture and represents Italy in Lebanon for the Naji Naaman Foundation. She is speaker of Radio Double Zero. Corresponding member of the Cosentina Academy, founded in 1511 by Aulo Giano Parrasio. She has worked with EMUI_ EuroMed University, a European inter-university platform, and deals with international relations. She was President of the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (RIDE-APS), Italian leader of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF). Honorary President of the WikiPoesia Poetic Encyclopedia. 

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