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WHY, Be Called A Woman


Bowing down and praying for the forgiveness that ached inside.

Praying for the lost souls of mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, neices.

Women that carried the word mother, that means

feminine, queen princess and lived

through hell of abuse, or even being killed.

What is the meaning of this word? WOMAN!!!

The world was birthed, from the wombs of innocence.

What a life. Housekeepers, housewives, baby-makers,

leaders, host, entrepreneurs, but still hunted.

Hunted and tortured daily, for what? Because of a better

mind set. Because of making a home. Because of

speaking the truth. Because of standing up to be free.

Yes free, but freedom is muted for the ones that lost a

voice and cannot be found. Oh yes, the voice is

echoing somewhere through the earth, through the dirt that was

dug. Through torments and chains that kept ripping

inside. No words, only silence. What’s the use of

growing up to be a woman? Playing with toys and dollhouse,

don’t grow be small. The young at heart so pure no worries.

The crying souls of yesteryear, have lost the graves,

it’s nothing more than dust that strengthened the soil.

A flower bed came out of it, a house was built on it.

Maybe a farm, A mother’s cry still searching for that lost child,

A husband reminiscing and missing the sweet kisses

of love and devotion. A boyfriend remembering that

special date, and moonlight dances.

The woman was taken away, no one knows where.

The search is useless, the cries will still echo, the heart

will still aches, the kitchen will be untouched. The

house will not be a home. The tears will always fall.

Hope someone hears, hope someone sees.

One last call PLEASE COME HOME!!!



Woman Stand Up


That voice echoed in depth into the atmosphere.

It came like a pray, soft spoken, a mother’s thought.

That spoke volume, that was watered deep,

that took root. it’s attached to all the membranes

of the brain. Woman thou art loosed.

Keep stepping, don’t let no one step on your feet.

Remember what your mother said? Remember

the birthed words that took root. FIGHT!!

not physical but mental. Use wisdom,

not angry words, not threatening words,

Leave them, pray for them, read the psalms.

The glory days was nice, people loved each other.

Neighbors was neighbors then. A plate of

food and groceries was nothing to give.

But times have changed, everyone to themselves.

Women have to fight, women have to lead,

have to struggle to keep up. Every woman is battling

one way or the other, so don’t judge. Just SHUT UP!!!

Sometimes the words that was birthed and took root,

fall by the way side, because everything is a competition

the best dress, hair, nails even man. Jealousy and envy,

fancy car and big house to impress and show off.

On the job, it’s a fight down, then running

to church praising god. Hands well lifted high.

HA!! HA!!! this is a joke, this must be

Young and Restless. Woman keep your

integrity and hold your head up high.

You are a queen, a gem keep that smile.

Strive for your goals, moving forward.

Don’t let the depressor depress your

determination to reach your destiny.

Don’t worry about them, who like to talk.

Their minds is like the bottomless pits.

That sink daily into the gutter.

Their souls are miserable and tormented,

they don’t have a life. They choose to make others

miserable like them That’s why they will remain ugly

So woman hold your peace, and shine.

Keep shining, keep achieving and keep

moving. Keep your dream alive.



Just A Rational Thought


Look in the mirror and the reflection is there.

What there is to change? Self talking to self

That’s the true image. Any change needed? A lot.

The mind needs fixing because it’s not normal.

It think what it wants and take a dive into the

unknown. It rules, it somehow takes control.

It can turn emotions into a crying scenario.

If leaving the body was made normal, many

lives would be living large. For instance,

take out depression, sadness, anger, place it

with love, joy, peace, hope and friendship.

What about love? That’s the biggest peace

make room for that. Love conquers all.

There will be no room for all the things

that triggers, that stresses, that hurts

that make inferiors win, that even the

superiors is crammed and can’t reach

the heights of gaining that win to survive.

What to do next? That’s the question. Should

man or human go back to the drawing board?

And learn to love again treat each other with kindness

and respect. Where’s the magic wand when it’s needed.

The world is crying out to be saved. But can anyone save

themselves from themselves? Self talking to self.

Such destruction. The mind endured. Torments.

What’s the point? What’s the use? It’s a

hopeless case. Or is it.? Nothing can be fixed.

that’s the mind speaking. But don’t listen to it,

sometimes it’s good to ignore.

Keep fighting for the peace of mind.

Get it?




LISELLE POWDER was born in the small Caribbean island of Trinidad. Born to Edwina Warner (deceased)and Bindley Powder, she is the last of six siblings. She is divorced and a mother of two daughters and a grand daughter. Having migrated to the US in 2014, she decided to write poetry about her experiences coming to America. She met with Edna White an Author, and the rest was history. Liselle has written in Edna’s book “No Sweet Meat Tell Me The Truth” and contributed to the school newspaper where she works, she also writes in Ms. Edna’s Magazine called “SPEAK MAGAZINE.” and wrote her first short story titled “Teenage Mon” and her poetry book titled “Still Overcoming” which is on Amazon. With her continuous writing, she was entered in an Anthology for the month of June 2020. Liselle was also selected in another Anthology in November 2020. Liselle is also an artist and has also sold some of her work. At present Liselle is about to start a writing project with Ms. Edna White. Liselle hope one day to have her first Art Show in the near future. Liselle has come a long way and she strives to be the best of top poets and artist the world is yet to see.


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