Thursday, July 1, 2021





The Horizon Of Reminisces


You will recollect my tears

Seeing the showers of monsoon

The waving fragrant plumage of earth

Will make you recollect the breath of mine

You will remember the tuned chords of love

Seeing the floating forms on water

You will recollect the wet hair set

Seeing the dew droplets on greenery

You will remember the muttering lips

Seeing the wind whispering with veils

The blooming buds and smiling flowers

Will make you recollect

The innocent love and delicate emotions

You will recollect the volcano blazing in conscience

Seeing the golden rays of sun

The sight of the setting sun

Will make you recollect the disappointing moments

You will remember the giggling moon face

Bathed in the brightly starlit full moonlight

The rainbow impression in the sky

Will make you remember the dreams we have seen

You will recollect my state of being

Even in the momentarily solitude

You will remember our home

Seeing the horizon that makes the Earth and the Sky one uniformly





Abundance is Nature's right

I value the mystic power of ‘Johari'


Sea and Mountain's are blessed with God's grace & glory

Thus Eternal Love too...


I see  not only with my eyes but with my heart

Until you make me unconditional love

What happens within me you can't understand


Follow your intuition, your destination is me

Have faith on love, success will be well-being

Say 'Yes' to life, you deserve to be happy


Imagination of love take you on height

Live in Present; the sacred moment of life

Life is a starless night otherwise....






Looking at my eyes

Don't think that

I have lost my life...

Just waiting for good days

I got a little tired.



Seeing the beauty diminish

Of my black curly hair

Don't be sad

Just weaving dreams,

 Has started shining...

You already know

Dreams are never black

That's why my hair has become a little golden and silver

like dreams



What is in the destination

When you have a nice journey


Just by walking,

the feet are tired

But you don't get it

That the world is over

Because it is heard that

Ahead the stars

The Universe is more beautiful



You will understand seeing my graceful gait

That I still have the strength in my spine to stand with self-respect


So, where did I change?


Your perspective has been changed

Do you understand dear?




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