Thursday, July 1, 2021





The Sprouts


Not all seeds sprout perfection.

And not all of them will give birth to sprout.

Be hardworking hand

of the fertilized land with passion,

who hopes to reap the best.

It starts with love

and the pride to operate,

regardless of what will arise.

Don't damn yourself if your efforts

will not be repaid either of little reward.

The intention was sound!

Loving dedication was the best

that you could offer.

Dear farmer of life,

you offered your hands and heart without thorns

but the thorns come, always.

Despite the best efforts.

Today rest, think and be happy.

You gave the world what you had

more valuable.

Love for life.

Copyright © Francesca Patitucci



Today Is Sunny


Today is sunny,

a warm breeze

it seems to touch my soul.

I enjoy this new warmth of which the sky,


gives me a gift.

And tomorrow will be what will be.

Today, now, here

I live!

Before even this day ... flies away.

Without having something and unique

to tell.

Copyright Francesca Patitucci



Over The Horizon.


The pace of the day is slow,

milky, whimsical.

I walk slowly, to obviate

any stumble brazenly.

Slowly, I am going through your waters,

unchanging over time.

They embrace lapses of memory,

deliberately dormant,

to avoid the deceptions of nostalgics

soul sediments.

And meanwhile it advances unstoppable,

a sunset, warm and golden

colors, pierce me

beyond the accumulated blanket,

to awaken flashes of life,

squat down,

under a lying ash.

I merge with him

I lose myself in the enchantment of the beyond.

Beyond the horizon of an infinite day.

Copyright Francesca Patitucci




PATITUCCI FRANCESCA: She lives in Salerno, Italy, comes from Calabria, a small town on the sea. She is a writer for passion. She is married and has two sons. She loves to read everything but especially poetry.

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