Thursday, July 1, 2021





Mystical Topaz


A stone full of magic,

poetry and unexpected reflections.

At dawn, it discreetly steals the beauty of daylight,

illuminating the grayness with streaks of pale pink.

It has the freshness of the morning

and the innocence of a child's sleep.


At noon, it leads along a narrow path

to the Garden of Eden

- full of the richness of blue, lush green

and the scent of red flowers with petals

as passionate as the lips of a girl in love.


The stone sprinkles gold particles with each move.

It sparkles like a happy laugh full of larks

and it has the vigor of the droplets

carried by the waters of the stream.

In the evening, it takes on dark colors of melancholy.


Such jewels are the women – sorceresses,

who constantly wander between the earth and heaven.

They rise to the clouds to sing together with the angels

and fall to the ground to sell their soul to the devil

for a little love.



Addressee Unknown


Poem Dedicated To Nabila Al – Amoodi


I have a few yellowed letters

and an album full of old photos.

I am storing our youth

- ambitious plans, laughter and tears.


Today I am surrounded by helplessness.

Anxiety creeps in my mind

and longing in the words of the poem.


Where are you my friend?

Which side of heaven are you on?

Are there the flowers around your house in Aden,

or maybe there is only the dead earth?


Unanswered questions

and searching without believing in a miracle

do not let me forget about you.


Yesterday you came back unexpectedly

- when I was looking at pictures of Yemeni children.

In the eyes of a girl dying of hunger

I saw your portrait.



Encounter With A Stranger


We collided at the speed of light

And we stood, amazed.

This was such an unexpected meeting.

In  the terms of logic it was hardly possible.



We met in a bar at the different tables,

We passed indifferently on a street,

We sat silently next to each other on the subway.



We exchanged a few controversial views

And revealed some secret thoughts and dreams.


The honest conversation is easier

With a person without a face



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