Thursday, July 1, 2021







The darkness held out its arms at me,

And I, like a bewitched maiden,

Rushed into their comfort,

Soaking with desire,

Shaking with trepidation,

For, the darkness,

Had had me believe,

That it is naught else

But my prince,

Having descended from the skies

For my sake!


Lost in its perfumed scent,

Which was like a strong flowery incense,

I realized not when it pulled me

Into its swirling mechanism

And absorbed my soul,

Thereby having me

Tormenting myself in fumy state

Having no ability to voice out

That I liked it best

When I tormented myself

While inhabiting a body,

Since such allowed me to

Weave poetry according to my whims

When the despair weighed too heavily!



The Sonnet Of Life


My essence shall always be mystery

While yours shall always be confused, human

Such has been decreed by divinity

This axiom shall you never have stolen


For guarded it is, by mine own meaning

Ruled by death, the occult preying power

Ready to give you a new beginning

By bestowing a mystical slaughter


An ending gift which is imposed upon

And which forms part of the earthly contract

Signed by you and I in a world beyond

Your soul is mine to rule, as per the pact!


Sang life through winds from its wombs, blown to us

Who remained deaf, faced with our own blind fuss!



Time Ticks By


Time ticks by

While life flies by

Confined in its own cage

Made of bricks, windows,

And allowing us comfort,

Shelter and temporary peace!


Time ticks by

While the virus, so like

A steady soldier

Bent on being victorious,

Conquers the world,

Bidding us all to

Submit to it, by

Throwing away our swords

And kneeling down in front of it!


Time ticks by

And lives get taken

To where nothing swirls

While we cry out with the pain

That comes with having our hearts ripped!


Time ticks by

But we shall hoist our victorious flag

Since humankind

Has, inscribed in its soul,

The survival gene!



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