Thursday, July 1, 2021





Hold me


Hold me in the morning

when the frost

goes away

upon awakening of the sun.

Hold me tight.

When the light goes out

and the shadows

of the night

are covered

by the shine

of the stars.

Hold me when I am afraid,

when in this difficult world

I cannot find the way out.

Hold me

and take me away,

drown my sadness,


pain and crying.

Hold me tight.

Hide me

in your heart,

in your eyes,

in your breath.

Hold me,

hold me tight.


Hug Me


I will ask the wind to bring you my hug

and you will feel it.

You will feel holding you tight

until it hurts you.

You will feel the warm

of my body

melting with yours.

You will feel my breath to dance with yours.

And fear

will be sweeter...

in my hug that the wind will bring you!


Mummy's Darling


At the corner of the church

I stop

to give a coin

to a cold and sad woman.

In thanking me she says:

"Mummy's darling".

Her voice

has the strength

of a slap

in the face,

the heart is a

runaway train,

a tsunami

without notice.

I close my eyes and,

backwards in time,

I see

a little me,

with skinned


with pigtails

imprisoned by large colorful bows.

And I see

two open arms


the most beautiful voice in the world,

whispers to me:

“Mummy's darling!"




MARIA MOLLO was born in Cosenza. She studies Sociology at the University of Salerno and Theological Sciences in Cosenza. Writer and poet, she has published numerous books. Mother of Maria Dora, Emanuele, Nicola Antonio and Francesco who, like her, have a passion for art. Little Noah's grandmother. Active in the social field, on the side of the defenseless.


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