Thursday, July 1, 2021







Sit like a footstep on the street of the beloved

Anyone can throw you away but nobody could


Ever delete your mark from the heart of stone!

Noor Jahan threw away the Kohinoor diamond


That no diamond could be such big, over sized!

Not everyone understands value of a diamond!


I don't think you are  worthy of anyone's love

You were uselessly my opponent, wanderer red


Colors talk to me and fragrance of my poems

Becomes contours of your beauty in paintings


Trust is the basis of true love not tests, doubt!

You only hurt me because I allowed you to hurt!


Can I sleep in your arms as I can't sleep without

You. Your love is the peace in chaos of the world


We've always argued about everything we ever did

Your sight of view and my heart-beats are aligned


Its me that he still missed, in my dream he had said

It's of no use if your heart beats and you still missed


He unsees the love and creativity in my fairy-tale

The blue posts by black hearted guy has depicted!


The music of night mingling with pleasure meeting

The magic in my love for him, my beauty surpassed


Expression of love by kissing in the air or sending

Pictures and showing showering beauty to beloved


Is not seduction. As love seduces and mesmerizes

Hearts to come closer not only bodies get uncovered


You needed proof of love and expression of creativity

While I express my love through my poems and word!



A Poem About An Alien 👽!


In the parallel universe we always meet

and greet and love, hug and kiss sweet


In an alternate reality you are always mine!

He captured with love my mind and heart


This is the story of the alien 👽 on Earth 🌎

My love from another star bwho visit


Me often with strange gifts sudden kisses

His galaxy is billions of light years away but


He gets my messages through telepathy

He reaches me instantly whenever I call out!


I told him in my mind about the labourer

From the construction site on main street


Who glares at me all the time with his friend

I know they are murderers, my name call out


He teased me by coming to me with a trolley.

Stones and bricks and wooden blocks on it!


He looked like a model straight from space

From which he really came, glasses on eyelit


I'm a wordsmith and my I'd was fashion -ista

He made a group with same name, an instant hit!


You need to think out of the box and look closer

Alien is around you if you have a good eyesight!



Riot against Jealousy!


Hard work is better than jealousy

Ask the value of the flowers from one

Whose days and nights are spent

Plucking thorns from others wounds


Constant search for excellence

Veriety gives way to versatility

Kindness speaks volumes

Innovations taste unique!


Watching the starry night together

Universes destroying and recreating

Hands joined hearts beating loud

Fiery breaths, music of the moonlight


The message from the universe is

loud and clear, love means everything

Loyalty and honesty piety not pity

The meaning of life is transperancy


In love we travel to heaven and hell

Deep down oceans of sweet Honeywell

We dive inside the house of divinity

On wings of joy, we fly to moon!





Some people are over smart

They claim they know others

From inside

They blame them to be hypocrite

And themselves pure honest


They call other donkeys

Though foolish themselves


Some drama queens acts hurt

Though themselves hurt others!


They taunt others as two faced

While wearing their own masks!


The biggest mistake is to think

That you are better than others


But bigger than that is the

Mistake, that you are not!!




NAILA HINA: A former Navy engineering University Instructor and an engineer and a manager in top notch firms, an internationally acclaimed award winning author and poetess from Karachi Pakistan. Naila Hina has published twenty two books this year in many languages and awarded as the " Best Writer of the Decade" and also got the "Best Collaborator Award Of The Decade" from World Press Agency, in addition to dozens of international awards and diplomas daily. Her published books include " Bahisht e Char Saat." Shadows of the Sun, Cosmic Dreams, Labor Of Love, Hayat e Javedan, Life is Eternal, Fragrance Of A Cave Girl, Shajar e Muhabbat, Love on Limbo, Qafla Bahaar Ka, A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol Jardin Del Amor, Love can wait, Chains of happiness, her first Persian anthology Deewan: Koh' e Muattar, Faramushi,Cagito Ergo Sum, Prisoners Of One Moment, Beyond Dreams And Stars, etcNaila Hina is a friend of the world, best writer, columnist, best debator, singerand the C.E.O of World Press Agency Pakistan, APCESX business group, USA. Naila Hina is humanitarian and graceful. She holds basic degree in Mechanical Engineering with MBA and CMA. She is " Author Of The Year " nominee and " Literary Captain " at StoryMirror. Multitalented she has written poems and books since childhood. The multilingual poems by Naila Hina first published in Bahisht e char Saat, her first book and her other books including Shadows of the Sun, A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol and also published in other international magazines.


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