Wednesday, September 1, 2021




Peace As My Template


"He who lives long in the presence

of an ideal at least becomes like it."



I am my thoughts, reflected back

into the visible world, and nothing

proposed as a counter will serve

to alter this fact.


Keeping company with the discordant,

the discordant will then precede me

where so ever I might endeavour

to establish a foothold.


Whereas peace as my template

therefore, shall advances be made

with not the slightest need

to ponder or to pause.

-Richard Doiron ©



The Future In Children's Eyes


Respect's a must and less would be a lark,

let honesty prevail and take its place:

the voice of truth a light when in the dark,

pure music made to look upon your face.


Regrets are few when happiness appears -

no growing gaps between the first and last -,

such joys enjoined like raindrops flow the tears,

the sweet embrace to which you're clinging fast.


The future found in children, eyes a-gleam,

the tender touch their legacy and lease,

so passion-filled, denoted such a dream

the time has come to polish up on peace.

-Richard Doiron ©



The Spoils Of War


Takes monstrous men not worth a salt

to wage such wars we'd never halt -

a cause for blood that runs in streams,

the same to terminate our dreams!


Takes wretched rules enacted laws

to render "right" their caustic cause -

made victims, all, across the board

each time a hand that wields a sword!


Takes heartless hordes and brutes a-band

to kill, en masse, at their command -

pretending peace is what is sought,

while bankers bank that wars be fought!


Takes poets' pens to tell the truth,

to rouse the aged and wake the youth -

each war a waste, each call a crime,

the spoils of which not worth a dime!

-Richard Doiron ©



RICHARD DOIRON: published 57 years; estimated 1000 poems published in over 100 anthologies, periodicals, personal books; author of novels, biographical works, essays, and lyricist. Graduate in journalism and Certified Lifeskills Coach; work read at the United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica . Participant in local, national, and international literary festivals; 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award winner with World Poetry; 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award with Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry; 2017 nominated for "There is a Winner in You" Lifetime Achievement Award with ARTeryUSA, nominated by James Pasqual Bettio, former senator in the California Senior Legislature. 2019 named World Poet Laureate by the group Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. Twice nominated for Canada's Governor-General's Award and the Griffin Poetry Prize.

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