Wednesday, September 1, 2021





Painting Yourself The Hero


you spill over the edges

of my periphery,

and i wish that i didn't

see you;

don't need you in my mind's eye

because i was never on your mind

only wanted the dream of me not the reality—

i wish i could cut your name out of me

because it carved a bitterness

on my heart,

and no matter how many pomegranates

i throw away there always seems

to be another one waiting to stain me

in a purple tongue;

thought we had our last dance when you left

i can say you're dead to me but there

are some days where you still live—

i wish i hadn't spent so many days hating myself,

took me forever to realize that i wasn't the

monster but you were;

i saw myself as ugly when you were the

ugly one—

married the woman you cheated on me with,

and it made me feel inadequate;

but you were just a bridge i was meant to burn

without looking back because there would be no

growth in holding the hands of a man

who fancies himself a hero when he's the villain

he paints you to be

-linda m. crate


I Won't Thank You For Your Cruelty


you wanted a maiden,

instead you found a queen;

you wanted someone

without power

instead you found a woman who

knew her power—

didn't appreciate my song

although yours were always

off key,

didn't appreciate my magic

because it was better than yours;

wanted to devour me with all your teeth

but found that i was never someone

you could kill—

saw me as worthless because

you couldn't afford to pay what i was worth,

so in the end i was the one that won and you're the

one that will never know happiness;

you're always looking for the next best thing

i learned at young age to appreciate what i had—

never needed you just wanted you,

but it turns out that was a mistake;

oh well—

bridges can always be burned,

i had adventures and lessons to learn;

and i am stronger for having been broken by you

yet i'll never thank you for your cruelty.

-linda m. crate


Yet In My Flaws I Have Beauty


i'll never let the magic die,

my wings aren't yours to tame;

nor are my fangs yours

to trim


all my galaxies are meant to burn brightly

every sky is meant to hold sunsets,

rainbows, and sunrises as i so will it—


won't let you crack the stained glass windows

of my dreams like you cracked the

wooden doors of the garden gate to my heart,

and i won't let you destroy who i am

because i am a force to reckoned with;


not someone you can just throw away

because you're bored—


i am not trash,

and you are no



you make me the villain in your story

but you're the villain in mine—


perhaps neither of us are heroes,

but at least i'll admit that i'm not perfect;

yet in all my flaws i have beauty


no one will ever change that.

-linda m. crate




Linda M. Crate:  Her works have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies both online and in print. She is the author of seven poetry chapbooks, the latest of which is: the samurai (Yellow Arrow Publishing, October 2020). She's also the author of the novel Phoenix Tears (Czykmate Books, June 2018). She has published four full-length poetry collections and three poetry micro collections.

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  1. Love the poem Yet in my Flaws I have Beauty by Linda M. Crate.... ! Quite a powerful assertion !