Wednesday, September 1, 2021





Love That Fades


My words can’t fit on paper anymore

Because I always knew that love has a purpose

Which will bring us some new skills

And I know that all I have is my whole world

I will never leave him, because love has its birth certificate


I tell with feelings all the happenings around me

Because I nurture all aggregate states with the firmness of my speech

The fading love I remembered, that you lived in it

As a sincere particle and the only spark of love

Which supported me the way I really am


I count the days as always, to see you again for a moment

I say how much you mean to me in the world without you I can't

To be no more for a second, for he suffers the love of great distances

I love hugging you the most in a world that is honest

Colorful colors tailored for the two of us in madness


I hug the pillow impressively almost every night

Because the memories that remained unfulfilled hurt me

The purity of my soul is reflected in your outline

Mine is still clean and durable no matter what

People talk about me because they don't know the truth


I wish I had my northern star again

That I have someone to tell only that one day of life

Share air and toys from toddler to adulthood

With a person who loves me immensely in the world as I am

While everyone else around me turns their backs so consciously


Love that fades has its side of expression

Love that fades always shows its way to truth

Knowing that you are not in my dreams

It makes me shed bitter tears for you


The veil of destiny flows through my veins

It's not like it used to be

I would still hug the memories from the pictures shared

But my time is still passing invasively! 



The Last Honor Circle


We give you honest words for the last time

Because I know I still have you by my side

And people will only believe what other people say

Because they don’t know how another person feels

And to whom do the tiniest particles of dry truth speak

Where love died a long time ago, from the time of the past


I'm still fighting to win you over for the last time

As if everything was yesterday, love overlapped by silence

I still believe there is something between us

After the end of the world, I still want to love you

Because the essence of everything is that I still have you by my side


I like to have what I may have been given

In my lifetime, I still value the aspirations of life

That nothing in the world is still missing is conscious

Because love is what continues to build almost the entire world

Woven from the most beautiful particle of the rainbow

And where love joins its dear hands


I have never been someone who sees the benefit of anyone

Because the user herself leads to a new sinking

Because, after all, there is a destiny by which the name is given

With your words that can invigorate my soul

When I'm ugly or I meet, because my life

No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise


Not everything is as people say

I will step over the fictional world and look for you again

To find the code of destiny for my happiness

still somewhere among all the slits of life

Horrified by this time, I choose a new beginning

Which may not be, but new, although things should be fixed


Time says one thing, but destiny says another

We may not be as compatible as more

Because alienated love survived in a time of debauchery and particles

Which always hovers in air, you’re showing and moves asynchronous

They fly over my graves of hope and knowledge

That you are someone else's, and I am a life option


I will run the lap of honor though

Because my value remains to the right faces!


Masks When They Fall


Nothing else can survive in my head

As masks can when they fall to the floor

I buy them with my bare hands and touch the color mixes

But they are not as resistant as I mean a lot


It was as if time had stopped abruptly

The silence will wash my heavy hands

Blackness comes to my veins through my hands

Which I don't want to promote to myself


I know it’s all an illusion of a dream

My heart beats the battle with everyone around me

Wishing I was still much needed

To other people next to me, without giving a smile


Maybe no one has figured me out yet in time

When the masks fall, only the man and the shadow remain

Where victory is taken entirely by someone else

Third, more precisely, the soul melted from pain and sorrow


And I don’t think everything has any weight value

But I pray to God that everything is just another dream

From which I will not wake up lightly

As long as I exist and as long as I live


My shadow will follow all the stories around me

I believe that the love of your name exists engraved

Somewhere in the crucial state of a dissolved soul

Mixed with blood and holy wine as a healing place




MAID CORBIC from Tuzla, 21 years old. In his spare time, he writes poetry that repeatedly praised as well as rewarded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and he is moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for humanity and peace in the world in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the First Virtual Art portal led by Dijana Uherek Stevanovic, and the selector of the competition at a page of the same name that aims to bring together all poets around the world. Many works have also been published in anthologies and journals (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Salvador, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Croatia, Serbia, etc.) as well as printed copies of the anthology of poems "Sea in the palm of your hand“, „Stories from Isolation", and "Kosovo Peony" and others.

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