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Golden Truth Of Food


Healthy food is a basic necessity of humans.

It nourishes and sustains our existence.

Food is a social instrument to initiate relationships.

Over tea, coffee, or a meal, we form friendships.


A dinner or meal in a restaurant sparks off a love affair.

Marriage proposals take place in such an atmosphere.

Families celebrate every special occasion with food.

Sumptuous meals always put us in a good mood.


A hungry man gets very angry with his wife,

For untimely meals, which cause domestic strife.

Food is critical to all of humankind’s needs.

Only animals can exist by eating mere weeds.



What the world needs is love, a popular song states.

That’s true, but people need substantial food intakes.

Love is only an emotion, but food is nutrition.

Lack of food can cause health deterioration.



To remain healthy there must be dietary restrictions.

Education about food, its components, and its interactions,

Is required to prevent lifestyle diseases, and live long.

The earth provides us with food to remain healthy and strong.




Water Is Precious


Water is a precious requirement in our lives.

Living things and beings need water to survive.

To stay alive on earth, water is a necessity.

It is needed more than any commodity.


The body will stop working without water.  

It will begin to breakdown thereafter.

We will be unable to function correctly.

Dehydration will take effect quickly.


Living things like animals and plants need water.

Water even controls the weather.

Without it, clouds would cease to formulate.

And wind patterns will begin to dominate.


If the world has no water supply,

Vegetation everywhere would die.

Life as we know would cease to exist.

Let’s use water wisely and take no risk.





Truth is fact or belief accepted as true.

Persons may brandish falsehoods to me and you

Half - truths, lies, and innuendos too,

Which are far from reality and not true.


Truth is a verified or indisputable fact.

Truthfulness keeps social bonds intact.

Lying and hypocrisy break those bonds easily.

And destroy lives, ruining peace and harmony.


Truth is the foundation of a good character.

Lies and falsehoods only bring disaster.

Honesty has always been the best policy.

Living a life of truth is the best legacy.





BRENDA MOHAMMED is a renowned, multi-award winning, and bestselling author of 38 books. Her genres are memoirs, romance, science fiction, mysteries, psychological thriller, children’s books, poetry, and self-help. She is Founder of the Literary Network How to Write for Success with five forums, and a membership in excess of 12000 members. Brenda won several literary awards in the USA, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Nigeria, India, Romania, Argentina, Morocco, Philippines, Hong Kong, and the UK. She made headlines in several newspapers around the world.



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