Wednesday, September 1, 2021





There Is God


I am afraid of life

Because it is a mystery

But I will make history.


I am afraid of friends

Because they are humans

But I will love them.


I am scared of tomorrow

Because it is unknown,

But I am hopeful.


I am troubled about the world

Because leaders are unfaithful,

And things change for worse

But there is God.






Fear is a hole

It makes nothing whole.


Fear is a rocket

It scars the pocket.


Fear is a game

It can bring shame.


Fear is a price

It can come thrice.


Fear is a grass

It can burn the mass.


Fear is complex

It can tower to the apex

And cause a reflex.





Love is humble

It makes royal,

Love is marble

It remains loyal.


A game of heart

Drawing the art,

Linking the chart

Clearing the mart.


If you make it a gamble

It will crumble

And leave you in shamble.


If you make it a garden

It will harden

And grow vegetations.


Love is a platform

It can reform,

Killing the worm

And cankerworm.




A day of hate

Destroys a destiny,

A time of rage

Kills a destination.


Hate is a ladder

It gets one madder,

Hate never makes gladder

And it pops up the bladder.


Hate strangles dreams

And embitters streams,

Hate buries hope

And murders the scope.


Hate is an enemy

It smokes like the chimney,

And hits the kidney.


Hate is a cage

It does much damage,

And leaves many in bondage

Throwing others into the drainage.


Beware of love

Be kind, do not hate

Then you will not fear

Because there is God.



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