Wednesday, September 1, 2021





Absurdity ...


In this absurd world

we prove the temporary character,

looking for our way

with loss of naivety,

when we reach the end of reason, failure

with the illusion of saving everything,

we preach it to hide nothing,

in the impossibility of recognition,

where emptiness is depressing reality

with the vain temptation of worthless persistence

of the mind tired of failures

of blood mixture of judgment

with self-underestimation and

worship of necessary change

at the final moment of closing an exhausting period.



Beautiful Memory


You hide like the moon behind the clouds

and leaves the nights without dreams,

where tears of loneliness drown

the belated darkness of the universe

with traces of mystery of sad stories

of faint constellations,

where the boundaries of fear are lost

in the boundless galaxies of self-forgetfulness

of regret in front of the mirror

for the embodiment of that

that you will be and really are,

until meeting the sun of hopes

of kisses with the caressing smell of fate.





Happiness, you fell from the sky today,

warm like sunlight

and sea foam

turned into white roses

in your summer dress,

full of light, shines more beautiful,

iconic deity icon

dancing souls

in the flame of the burning air

among the green shadows of the branches,

where the laurels sing

accompanied by gurgling water

in the infinity of the coastal air,

wet by the veil of sparkling waves ...


MARJETA RRAPAJ was born on 15.12.1974 in Gjirokastra and grew up in a family with traditions. She is one of the contemporary Albanian poets. Rrapaj studied literature at the University of Gjirokastra and defended the French language at the University of Tirana. She is the author of 8 volumes of poetry. 2 poetic volumes published in France in French. 1 poetic volume published in English and Spanish and the latest volume published in 5 languages: Albanian, English, French, Italian, German. Her poems are a mixture of imagination with reality. In 2019 she receives the Alphonso G. Newcomer Poetry Train award U.S.A. and Canada for the poetic volume Vesta.


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