Wednesday, September 1, 2021





My Prayer For Peaceful World


Dear God, this world has lost essential virtues,

Truth, love, peace, compassion, kindness,

Making the world ponderous to live and survive.


Hate, lies, jealousy, violence are flourishing,

In every corner of the world fearlessly,

Destroying peace, love, and harmony.


Please adorn this world once more ethereally,

With your divine hues and charismatic charms,

Flourishing truth, peace, love, light, and harmony.


Most humans have lost their true essence of purity,

Are destroying themselves as well as other beings,

Making world encircled with gloom and melancholy.


Shower your kindness, bring change spellbound,

Embellish world with seraphic tinge ethereally,

Captivating figments of conscience magnificently.

©Asha Kumari

New Delhi, India

3 June 2021



Empower Everyone


God made human to reside on earth,

We human created race and ethnicity,

To rule people, by making them slave.


Every being bestowed with inalienable rights,

By the Supreme Creator to flourish on earth,

Regardless of race, religion, gender, color.


But we human started misusing cunning brain,

Empowered ourselves with artificial intelligence,

Snatched rights some people, left them starving.


We human are supposed to spread love and light,

Are born to enjoy freedom and myriads of happiness,

Without snatching the freedom of any other beings.

©Asha Kumari

New Delhi, India

24 May 2021



Love Begets Deep Inside Soul


Love is silent language of soul,

Allures with ethereal melodies,

Begets at the fathom of soul,

Communicated mystically to beloved,


Love reveals our true existence,

Showers divine love paradisaically,

Spreads mellifluous and vibrant fragrance,

Infused with spirit and imperturbableness.


Love is pure and pious energy,

Needs to be nurtured ethereally,

To be bestowed on all beings,

To maintain peace and harmony.


Love is exquisite yearning of soul,

Independent of time and space,

Entwining eternal emotions,

Exists forever in swirling universe.

©Asha Kumari

New Delhi, India

16 May 2021 



ASHA ROY alias Asha Kumari born in a village of Samastipur District, Bihar, India. She is post-graduate in Environment Science from Sikkim and Manipal University, India. She is hard working, self-sufficient, rebellious by nature for justice, and always stands for humanity. She has been working as a Copy Editor with an esteemed firm Aptara Corporation, New Delhi, India, since 2008. She has been acknowledged and praised by many clients for her editorial works. She is a passionate reader, writer, and bilingual poet by hobby. She took poetry as her passion to better express her ideas, her thoughts, her visions, and her point of view according to her conscience. Her poems have been published in different Newspapers, Anthologies, Archive websites and Journal (Our Poetry Archive: An Online Journal). She is bilingual. Many of her poems have been published in Hindi anthologies (Mere Jajbaat, Bebak Parinda, Safar Shikhar Tak, Stree, Abhivyakti: A bond of Navodians, and many upcoming books in preparation) and in Hindi Newspaper. She is interested in human welfare. She is passionate to reach people on globe through her writing and poems.


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