Wednesday, September 1, 2021







One move with the handkerchief and everything disappears.

All smiles and plans.

All the chatter and beauties ... external.


And inside?

Inside darkness anchored

so nicely placed,

there is no departure and it lasts.


And I keep searching

I am looking for miracles.

Yearning to catch you

I do not succeed at all.


I imagine things non-existent

some maybe real,

but mainly directed. 



Cry Baby Cry


I suppress the crying,

I choke on the inside.

I remember your voice

but difficulty prevents me from doing so.

Barely a few words

echoed in my mind,

I managed to imagine them.

Not that there isn't,

I just do not remember.


Eh, if I would write them

a long time ago.

Now I would have you in me-


But I do not know what I regret more,

whether for inadequacy

or perhaps not remembering.


It is more than clear

the absence will smolder.

It glows like embers,

it will never go out,

never will be gone.



Only Girl


I was all in tears.

I felt unprotected.

I ran around and hid my tears.

Hands on face

Vardar through the cheeks.

Until I saw you.

I saw you,

and yet as if I had not seen you.

I flew in chaos and got lost.


That's how you came,

you lifted me with your arms

and I fell into them,

I lost consciousness..

Maybe from enormous energy

which you  infused into me,

or from the security you gave me.

I was finally safe.

Hope came out that it will always be so.



-Until I wake up!



MILICA PAUNOVSKA was born in the heart of Macedonia in the distant 1989 year, in a small city Negotino where she spends her childhood days. Untill she moves to the capital city and starts faculty of Economics and shortly after starts working there in Skopje. She has been writing in the past 15 years and has revealed her first book, a collection of poems entitled "Incomplete", where she exposes herself, lets her voice be heard and allows others to peek and hear part of it. Some of her poems have already been translated and published on several foreign languages and poetry pages. For her poems, she says that they reveal herself and with her verses she gives direction to all the people who have been through or are going through similar situations as she does. She shows them that nothing is lost if you find the right creative way to feel and express


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