Wednesday, September 1, 2021





That's My Belief


The foamy waves

from the “Mediterranean Sea”,

break on the cliff,

then on the shoreline,

set suddenly shifting,

flow impetuously,

drag debris: it’s a dance macabre,

on the sand emerge

the soaked wrecks of a tragic past.

Nothing can stop the supernatural

fury of the sea weaves.

We seem to see the naval battles,

the showdown between pirates

and sailors, the horrible death

of floating bodies fallen into the sea.

The beginning of the end is relentless.

Death spares no one.

You never know, maybe one day,

someone finds out an antidote to death.

Scientists and philosophers try to solve

the enigma “The origin of life”,

but  they don't realize that the  formula

is in the mind of the “Supreme Being”,

“The Almighty”.

Mankind! you're clutching at straws.

No one can challenge

the “Supreme intelligence”,

the “Universal Father”.

Only you “Poetry”, sublime expression

of the deep motions of the soul,

the hidden feelings, the intense emotions

caused by tragic events,

I dare firmly say: your soul will survive,


like the poet’s spirit, indomitable.

Can you tell me what it means to die?

It’s when you close your eyes forever,

then you fall into a deep sleep

and keep on dreaming eternally.




You were constantly in my mind,

you were pulsing through my veins,


you were my permanent joy,

my madness, “cheerfulness”,

but you’ve flown away.

You’ve loosened the reins

that bounded you to me

and you’ve left me alone,

in a corner,

with bitterness in my heart,

your place has been supplanted

by sadness, your memory

goes back to a distant time,

I'd like to hold you in my arms,

once more.

The carelessness didn’t last long

but I’ll be waiting for you, in vain:

Will you come back one more time?

Soon perhaps!

but you’re lying cheerfulness.

Let me enjoy! an instant, an hour,

don't leave me anymore.

When you come back,

you’ll be welcome. I'll smile at you

and you smile back at me,

you’ll get me a flower and in return

I’ll offer you my good mood,

but if you asked for more,

what else can I offer you?

my body, of course! to get wild,

go dancing and have a good time.




It’s sweet smiling at life,

just stop for a moment and think:

this isn't over.

It’s so lovely to feel alive,

to hide myself in your arms

and breathe,

enjoying the freedom

of human being.

I won’t let anyone affect my life

I got to face reality from now on,

I’ll defend my ideals

I'll be straight with friends

and I won't be intimidated.

An intense moment to look at you

can satisfy my desire for you,

but it's not enough

if I want to blame you

when you are cruel,

because you’re dear to me,

there's only one you,

but you’re fleeting and I climb

tenaciously to your vine stalks,

to drink your lifeblood, my life.

I want to chase you,

then I want to stop you, 

I want to be reborn, to start again

and challenge you, eternally.

I can hear my heart beating for you:

I’m forever yours,

you’ll always be mine.

Please! don't ever leave me.




IOLANDA LEOTTA, poetess and storyteller, was born in Italy. She holds a degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation. Cultural Mediator. Her poetry book “L’esploratrice dei sentimenti e dei valori umani” has been published in Italy, by Aletti editor. This book is a travel in the world of feelings. In this collection of poetry, the readers will found poignant memories of the past time, recollections of the adolescence and universal human values. She attends the masterclasses with  A. Quasimodo theatrical director, actor and author; F. Gazzè and G. Anastasi, songwriters; D. Rondoni, poet, playwright, screenwriter and director; She takes part in the Laboratory on poetic writing with: Mogol, lyricist, and record producer. She enrolled at the Academy of  poetic writing of G. Aletti poet and literary critic. She’s been awarded in many literary competitions: "Premio Europa Cultura 1988. Official godmother of the event was Nicoletta Orsomando, announcer of RAI Tv; Certification of literary commendation in the International contest “Club della Poesia”, president of the jury Prof. Pietropinto; Poetry prize in the literary contest “I poeti navigano sulle viole”, Board of Examiners: K.B. Marciszuk pedagogist, reviewer, columnist; G. Davino, teacher; F.Lacavalla, and L. Squeo, poets and writers. International Poetry Prize “Città di Siderno”, president of the jury M. Provenzano, writer. Her poems are included in anthologies of national and International literary awards: "Il Federiciano"; "Il Paese della Poesia"; “Habere Artem”; “Il Tiburtino”, president of the jury Hafez Haidar, nominated for the Nobel Prize; “Prize Salvatore Quasimodo” and "M. Cumani Quasimodo", poetess and dancer; "Tra un fiore colto e l’altro donato" president of the jury Alfredo Rapetti Mogol, stage-name, Cheope; "Verrà il Mattino e avrà un tuo verso”, introduction by Mariella Nava, songwriter; Caterina Aletti, journalist and sociologist; Cosimo Damiano Damato director and screenwriter. “Diploma of merit” to CET School of Mogol. She was published recentely in International literary journals and magazines: “Lothlorien Poetry Journal”; “Sparks of Calliope”; The Writers and Readers Magazine”; “Lipi Magazine”, “The Quiver Review”; “Verse-Virtual”; “Agape Review”; “The Pine Cone Review”; “Suranad P.N.Kunjan Pillai”; “Brave World Magazine Volume3-Universal Truth”; “OPA, Our Poetry Archives, annual anthology of poetry 2021”.

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