Wednesday, September 1, 2021






Curiosity will help you live

Books, the pages of books

Words are food

to every day that will come

My son, my daughter,


But the reading of books must not

Cannot satisfy a curiosity either

There is a reading, the one we do

Watching the others

Listening to the others, meeting the world.


In the world there are more important books

To read and, above all, to write.

Inventing, giving to read

Without fears. Spreading.

The world, people, places.


Like pages waiting to be

Crossed by our looks.

A book, still white, waiting

To be written. Or written again.

Read or read again.

By us.


Exactly by us.





To My Love   


We have planted a forest of flowers and fruits

nowhere to be found, amoung your eyes and my heart

for the days and the months of each season

that will still come

so we'll play to get lost among the paths

filled with shadows and every day every month

every year that left for me

as a flimsy apprentice, to pick up

the fresh petals of your smile.




In the Beginning was Poetry

It knots again the torn threads

of the souls

and makes of them a deep tissue

the Soul of the World



VITO INTINI: born in Noci, Italy in 1956, is poet and artist-performer, founder and art director of the Kunsthalle Gallery and Kunsthouse Arte Natura for artists in residence. In recent years he loves to paint trees to plant more trees in its beautiful countryside of the trulli in Puglia in Italy. Cultivate ancient grains and produces extra virgin olive oil centenarians. With her family has planted a small forest of trees and rare fruits. His writings and his poems are published in several languages. He has participated as a poet and performance artist in several festivals in Italy and abroad: Poetry / cloister of the poet Giuseppe Goffredo; Milan-Poetry; Nisan Festival of Poetry in Mghar, Galilee of the poet Naim Araidi; Kartal festival of Istanbul poet Metin Cengiz; finalist at Baghetta Prize at the Festival of Literature in Milan. He teaches History and Philosophy in high schools and advocates a Sweet Green Global Renaissance

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