Wednesday, September 1, 2021





Child's Play


Mams pretty picture buttons

The currency of our childhood games

When imaginations run wild and free

And we lived like Kings and Queens.

Donna McCabe ©





Living in a virtual reality

Constantly glued to the phone

Daily life as we know it

Is becoming the twilight zone

Stuck in front of the screen for hours

Neglecting the household chores

While all the while A.I. Intelligence

Is seeping into the pores

Mind altering devices

Designed to alter the mind

The newest drug on the market

The corporate money-making kind

They'll leave you will cold turkey

When the charge is in decline

It's a damn hard habit to give up

The phone zone inducing kind.

Donna McCabe ©



Dark Reflections


I see myself

But I'm not really here

My mind is far away elsewhere

Dreaming of other things

Dark sombre things

I don't think anyone would understand

These dark thoughts are a reflection

Of the smile I paint on every day

Pretending everything's just fine and dandy

When really it's just dark and dysfunctional.

Donna McCabe ©


Emotion Blackmail


Coming cloaked in many forms and disguises

Never missing the chance to twist the knife

Emotional blackmail is abusive and sneaky

A mental problem in person’s life

Playing on emotions so taunt and frayed

Bloody, twisted and raw

Bending them to to suit selfish needs

To wear them down with a persistent gnaw

It's a truth that defies all logic

When battling circumstances beyond ones control

And statistically you can bet

It's always someone close and whom you know.

Donna McCabe ©


Passions Dance


You ignite a passion

Within my soul

Make it want to dance

Swoon out of control

You light a fire

Which rages and burns

It won't go out

Till the tides they turn

We have a passion

We have a magic

An alchemical response

Our souls are so well suited

They are bonded and ensconced.

Donna McCabe ©




September days

Evening haze

Preparing for winter

Transformations take place

Embracing nature

Marveling at her beauty

Bountiful harvests

Enjoying the suns last warming rays

Rejoicing and remembering

Donna McCabe ©



DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over 20 years’ experience whose vast variety of work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies as well as being a highly respected admin in multiple social media groups, her most recent works of merit would include The Writers and Readers' Magazine, Our Poetry Archive,Raven Cage Zine and featuring in a book published by Poetry Planet called Words in Motion. Donna's intricate wordplay displayed in her works has been personified by her past and concurrent experiences which include her hardships, trials and tribulations. All of which she has been accompanied by her loving husband of 24 years. Together they have raised three children in the picturesque valleys of the Rhondda, South Wales. Her lifetime admiration of reading and writing has steered her into a adventurous new direction of collaborations with an up and coming Canadian artist Alla Ilescu whos idiosyncratic mind and artistic works compliment the vivd images Donna's narritve works paint.


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