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Another Cosmic Light Dimension


A star in another galaxy far away

Forms a constellation blinded by stardust gray


In the solar system’s distant darkness

A celestial body you cannot harness


An orb dark and cold as ice disconnected

Exceptional and odd seesaw child misdirected


Orbitting the Sun for a million years

Pushing and pulling each other towards Planet Nine unclear


An asteroid’s and dwarf planet’s attraction

Weak yet where two or more are gathered brings a meaningful reaction


A sumo wrestler on the mat of space-time

Sees a blue giant with another lens in a different light at prime


A thick-walled shell living in its own bubble

A mother of comets troubled, water and fire double


A scattered disc playing passing stars

By an orbital plane from the borderlands far

Copyright 2021. All rights reserved by: Anne Korhonen/Eyeslikeblues


Shekinah (The Light)


Light dwell in my body

Light of godly women

Molecule of heaven

Dwell in the world


Center of everything

Portal of God and men

Medium to heaven

The tree of life


Red thread of protection

When pain comes now and then

When confusion happens

Receive her being

Copyright 2020. All rights reserved by: Anne Korhonen/Eyeslikeblues


Extraterrestrial Virgins


The Earth was sacred before human

Now everything that has breath is a raped woman


The Moon has been conquered

By jealous lovers taken advantage of and wandered


Mars the estranged neighbor

An elderly mother miscarriaged before labor


Venus the loving sister and empress

They want to inhabit your bosom of dawn and dusk goddess


Neptune sea of crystals blind

Cold and blue for intimacy unkind


Jupiter a family of many moons

The mother of Earth’s lagoons


Mercury is barren

Attracting little to no interest of men


Saturn has been engaged and married

She has friends with benefits along carried


Uranus waist of lifeless water

Navel fallen short of salt to batter


The Sun the extraterrestrial father

Vital energy that gives and takes as virgins gather

Copyright 2020. All rights reserved by: Anne Korhonen/Eyeslikeblues




ANNE KORHONEN also known as Eyeslikeblues is a Finnish copywriter, poet and spoken word artist. She is the author of two poetry anthologies The Rainbow Of Tones (2013) and Poems Of Universal Love (2017). Her spoken word can be heard on Youtube and Soundcloud with the pen name Eyeslikeblues. She’s currently working on Christian and spiritual poetry and comedy.

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