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Mountain *


Mountain is a boy out from the fire

he couldn’t stand life within the guts of the volcano

together with the flame of the fire

he came forth

and he became an immigrant on earth

and he embraced us

in the first days of creation


He fed his man on what he owned


We are sons and daughters of our father-mountain

as our ancesters our blood is fire

our love is glowing

and the melody of our weddings are

the crackling of the fire.

Afrin 2



my mother

your wounds are deeper than the depth

your pain is more than the leaves

eighteen million of your olive trees

your women and girls are being raped



your children in those bloody nights

they are embraced by the cold

they suck on the breasts of hunger

they groan over the torture of wounds



how many half-dead mothers are dying

in pain several times a day



you are the symbol of resistance

and of love in this world



my mother

humanity for you

in your tragic days

is a dry tree

in the desert of thought.




They meet each other

happy they sing

they do not know what is

country president

border prison


With light of mercy

our eyes are joyful

they hide happy messages

in the melody of the birds

with the glances of the beloved

sent to us


The Hurt Love


The faces of ruined buildings

look at you


The hands meet each other

in the mud of blood


The eyes are scattered

the faces are without profile

hewed statues

of the weapons of our time


A ground museum

a single exhibition

of torn organs of the body


The language of the flame

stormy bullets

rain on you


        The poems are from “Afrin and the Creature that used to be Human Being”

Kurdush – English, Hogir Verlag, Bonn, Germany & Cross-Cultural Communications, New York, USA, 2019



HUSSEIN HABASCH was born 23 September 1948 in a village in Kurdistan, Afrin. In 1970, he started writing poetry in the Kurdish and Arabic languages. He studied journalism at the Lomonosov-University Moscow and was promoted there in 1983; Dr. phil. (PhD). In 1984, H. Habasch moved to Germany. He lives and works in Bonn. In 2000, the author started teaching Kurdish language-speakers for the City Council of Bonn. In addition, from Summer 2008 until Summer 2010, he conducted Kurdish Language Courses at the Institut für Orient- und Asienwissenschaften of Bonn University. H. Habasch works as a translator from the Arabic, Russian, English, and German languages into Kurdish. From November 2011, he has been busy working on the Avesta- und Parthi languages, he translatres them into the Kurdish language. He has published more than 23 books and numerous articles and has given speeches in Germany and abroad. Some of his poems have been translated into 24 languages. The poet was the President of the Kurdish Pen-Centre e.V. from 1993 through 1996. Her is a member of the Verband Deutscher Schriftsteller (VS) – Association of German Authors. Since August 2017, the poet H. Habasch has translated the „Poem oft the Week “ITHACA into Kurdish, pubished by the journal „Raman“ in Arbil (Kurdistan).

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