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O Wondrous Love


O wondrous love, sing me into

sweet surrender with the music

from your harmonious heart,

you who cradle my universe

in the palms of your healing

hands and who adorn my world

with a beauty borne in the very

depths of your innermost soul.

O wondrous love, move me into

a silent space with the soothing

sounds emanating from the core

of your being, sounds sufficient

as to lull the gods themselves

into a state of utter ecstasy,

sounds to render a mere mortal

such as I into a sacerdotal state.

Richard Doiron ©


Distant And Dispossessed


There was no place like home once upon a time,but they felled too many trees, poisoned too many streams, fed us too many lies, and some of us wandered off into the sunset like amnesiacs,thinking it more favourable to forget than ever to forgive: reach a certain point, it's the point of no return!

But then, devoid of the sacrosanct, grown distant and dispossessed of the very God we once believed in,"family values" discarded, we became the embodiment of the lost children of a generation. Oh, if only we had somehow maintained some equilibrium, but such was not the case, spaced out as we were on Pac Man,heading down dead-end streets, speeding...

There were far too many crashes to count, too many scars to heal, too many lies to be repeated, though we harboured not so much hate for anyone, as we sought to annihilate ourselves, driven to the precipice like a herd of buffalo over a cliff in a former time, a time when the people, if not the buffalo, saw it coming.

There was no place like home once upon a time,but home ceased to exist and, at best, we were left to wander, like stray dogs left behind at a picnic site along Highway 101, on a day when the sky suddenly turned menacing, and we packed in panic, disorganized,grown afraid of storms like infants afraid of the dark, running for our lives with no destination in sight. 

Richard Doiron ©


Poet Sitting In The Shade


He plies with words producing works of art

and some assume a struggling all the while

(so many words perused, that play a part) –

misunderstood as well the lack of smile.


Assumed him deep beyond the social norm,

his poems penned at such a pace, it's odd,

while in his mind he's being true to form,

if form itself's a concept big and broad.


From out the blue the butterflies appear

and this he notes upon the least of it –

electric bolts that charge the atmosphere,

with manna found and made a feast of it!


The rainbow's hues that simply never fade,

the "conduit" calls the arcs before and aft;

alone awhile and sitting in the shade

he cogitates, he comprehends the craft.

Richard Doiron ©




RICHARD DOIRON: published 57 years; estimated 1000 poems published in over 100 anthologies, periodicals, personal books; author of novels, biographical works, essays, and lyricist. Graduate in journalism and Certified Lifeskills Coach; work read at the United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica. Participant in local,national, and international literary festivals; 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award winner with World Poetry; 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award with Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry; 2017 nominated for "There is a Winner in You" Lifetime Achievement Award with ARTeryUSA, nominated by James Pasqual Bettio, former senator in the California Senior Legislature. Twice published in forums alongside the Dalai Lama by invitation. Published in the world book, "Prayers for a thousand years,"1999, by invitation, book containing works by twelve Nobel Prize winners, including Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. 2019 named World Poet Laureate by the group Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. Twice nominated for Canada's Governor-General's Award and the prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize. Published regularly round the world, mostly by invitation.

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  1. Thank you ever so much for the inclusion in this Edition of OPA. I truly appreciate this - very special to be published alongside such an august body of writers. Happy New Years to everyone; may the New Year bring you love, peace, and harmony.