Saturday, January 1, 2022




NILAVRONILL: Why do literature and poetry in particular interest you so much? Please give us some idea about your own perception of literature or poetry in general.

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: I believe that poets are ambassadors of peace, writing about love. And we have never needed love and peace in the world like today.


NILAVRONILL: How do you relate your own self existence with your literary life in one hand, and the time around you, in the other.

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: I write because I love it, if you are not an established writer or there is no sponsor behind you who pushes you, there is no financial gain. I write from the bottom of my heart, and I describe what happens to me. through my deeds


NILAVRONILL: Do you believe creative souls flourish more in turmoil than in peace?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: It's all a matter of the moment, but I think that creativity and some inner restlessness trigger feelings, when you feel butterflies in your stomach, the verses themselves start, or some trepidation around the heart, the verse agrees


NILAVRONILL: Do you think in this age of information and technology the dimensions of literature have been largely extended beyond our preconceived ideas about literature in general?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: I agree that now with all this technology and the Internet, the written word travels faster and is available to everyone, it is also available to many who are not affirmed to notice from someone. I like it well when people write, because through their writing and their thoughts I understand to have hope for this world and life in it


NILAVRONILL: Now, in this changing scenario we would like to know from your own life experiences as a poet, writer and a creative soul: How do you respond to this present time?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: The whole world has become an industry of stupidity and ignorance


NILAVRONILL: Do you believe that all writers are by and large the product of their nationality? And is this an incentive for or an obstacle against becoming a truly international writer?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: There are few writers who close themselves in a narrow circle writing only about it. Writers and poets are people of the world, ambassadors and everything they write travels the world and as such they share love


NILAVRONILL: Now, if we try to understand the tradition and modernism, do you think literature can play a pivotal role in it?  If so, how? Again, how can an individual writer relate himself or herself to the tradition and to modernism?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: It plays a big role, in both, but I think that classics are the most beautiful thing that has been written through poems and novels. Jesenjin is the best, and whatever modern form he is, he will be the best.


NILAVRONILL: Do you think literary criticism has much to do with the development of a poet and the true understanding of his or her poetry?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: I think that criticism has nothing to do with writing. Critics are taught in schools what and how and they do not go out of those formats. There are wonderful poets that critics do not like, not that they write badly but that they do not understand what they write. time


NILAVRONILL: Do you think society as a whole is the key factor in shaping you up as a poet, or your poetry altogether?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: That society has always had a great influence on everything, both on writers and on all artists, no matter what art they were engaged in


NILAVRONILL: Do you think people in general actually bother about literature?  Do you think this consumerist world is turning the average man away from serious literature?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: Yes, it is true there used to be fewer writers, but there was quality, today we go for quantity and rarely does anyone have quality.


NILAVRONILL: We would like to know the factors and the peoples who have influenced you immensely in the growing phase of your literary life.

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: I said a while ago that I love French classics, Russian, that is the most beautiful age of literature. I am not closed to just one nation, I write that the whole world reads and I address the whole world


NILAVRONILL: How would you evaluate your contemporaries and what are your aspirations for or expectation from the younger generation?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: There are a lot of good writers around me, we even have a Nobel laureate, there are a lot of young people who write and I always try to help them. They should be given the opportunity to show themselves.


NILAVRONILL: Humanity has suffered immensely in the past, and is still suffering around the world. We all know it well. But are you hopeful about our future?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: I do not give in to a better future, because man is the greatest animal and everything, he reaches he destroys. Maybe someday when people come who will be aware that we all have the right to live on this planet, and that we are all the same, maybe not I believe


NILAVRONILL: What role can literature in general play to bring a better day for every human being?

ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIC: It depends on the person, someone is awakened by music, someone by recitation, A matter of taste. But only by writing and spreading love do we help people feel better and happier