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Musky Verses!


He tried to throw me at his feet

From his high throne. My king!


I float to the skies on the feathers

Of love like an angel where I belong


In my purple attire I danced like a

Peacock, my poems spreading


It's shiny wine like attar of musk

From the womb of doe, twinkling


Like stars in my eyes and flowers

In my breaths fragrant as inkling


Of passionate verses of true love

Eternal bliss since time's beginning


Nobody needs clothes in heaven

As only pure hearts, true eyes flying


In the sanctuary of souls of lovers

Blue birds like sapphires donning


Green brocades and silken golds

Emerald isle of furnished flooring


There we sit in same throne room

Daphne and Apollo together singing


Our eternal life songs and poetry

From the world we left behind long!



Hell Mill Of Heart!


Stepping on the path of love

An ancient Turkish market


Life is a window for children

Grape wine is called Youth


The bloody settlements

Extinguished like candles


Misguided injured hearts

And shattering bodies


The fault of the wind is blowing

On its shoulders flowers blossoming


The knock of the moon light

on the door of the moon


Direction in the unseen misdirection,

Eternal never ending mission


The scent of earth's matte

In my country's fields


Permanente like a flower's

Dim as the beats of time!





Do I

Look like the sun

Emerging from the sea


Or like the moon

sinking in the river

Or melt into heart like a pain

Or I come in eyes like tears


Do I


In fiery fountains of colors

In the cold snow of fire

In the kock of undisturbed sleep

In the endless brightness of dreams

Come in, Walking softly like a look!


Does my love make heart beat faster?

Do you still get covered in clouds of my hair ?

The color of my voice melts in your mind

The fatigue of my heart torments you too?


Tell me do you miss me, or you forgot me?

Does my pain make you cry all night?

Do you still lose your breathe in my arms?

Does my dress still reflect the color of the weather?


Are your hands thirsty to touch me?

What about your birthday cake

Someone still wipes your face

Does anyone offers you to drink such a wine!

Alcohol is nothing beyond that


Do you still feel two daggers on your back?

With the bows of my chest that were attached


Do my hands still hold you like this?

The tickling goes away in your body!

Are your feet on the same smart seat?

They take my total burden with enthusiasm


You take me in your arms again

You blow me high in the air!


In love, you fly me far into the sky!

The wine that the horses of light drank

I am riding like a wind

The wind is faster and very fast

Like my fear of your absence, fast!


Afraid, I hold you like this

And I hold you tightly, crying out loud

And you fly me up even faster

And you get even closer to my heart


You put your lips gently on my neck

As if a boat sailing in the flow of the sea

You stumble on my chest

You hold it in hands and bite


And when I smile in pain

That's when you too laugh out!


The love you have received now

Is the same you were looking for!

You got the coins today

Which you searched for centuries!


Do I still quench your thirst?

Do you still miss me!




The love that is not intense

How will, from it, life be born!


Emotions that get lost along the way

How will they get to the destination?


What will be the result of the unfinished business

And the creation of process depends on intention


Without love will take place

What kind of creation


Incompetent, incomprehensible, incomplete

To God you must then do not complain!




NAILA HINA: A former Navy engineering University Instructor and an engineer and a manager in top notch firms, an internationally acclaimed award winning author and poetess from Karachi Pakistan. Naila Hina has published Thirty books this year in many languages and awarded as the " Best Writer of the Decade" and also got the "Best Collaborator Award Of The Decade" from World Press Agency, in addition to dozens of international awards and diplomas daily. Her published books include " Bahisht e Char Saat." Shadows of the Sun, Cosmic Dreams, Labor Of Love, Hayat e Javedan, Life is Eternal, Fragrance Of A Cave Girl, Shajar e Muhabbat, Love on Limbo, Qafla Bahaar Ka, A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol Jardin Del Amor, Love can wait, Chains of happiness, her first Persian anthology Deewan: Koh' e Muattar, Faramushi, Junoon Zaad, In Good Hope, Cagito Ergo Sum, Prisoners Of One Moment, Beyond Dreams And Stars, Saturnian Necklace, Halqa Zohl, etc Naila Hina is a friend of the world, best writer, columnist, best debator, singer and the C.E.O of World Press Agency Pakistan, APCESX business group, USA. Naila Hina is humanitarian and graceful. She holds basic degree in Mechanical Engineering with MBA and CMA. She is " Author Of The Year " nominee and " Literary Captain " at Story Mirror. Multitalented she has written poems and books since childhood. The multilingual poems by Naila Hina first published in Bahisht e char Saat, her first book and her other books including Shadows of the Sun, A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol and also published in other international magazines.

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