Saturday, January 1, 2022





No Sense


you are not strong enough

to throw away anything

even rubbish


looking for an opener

you don’t know

better to open                      

a bottle

or veins


and suddenly

the phone is ringing

or someone

is knocking at the door


that may bring 

the sense




they kept asking

if she was made of gold

as you so crazy about  her

they kept saying

that no one could live on

love alone


but she was all yours

made of gold

and diamond

to you



kept you alive

and sometimes

when you forgot how to fly

she stamped her bare foot

reminding you

that wings are for flying

not for falling down




I will follow you



even to hell


and it will not be

the hell




LILLA LATUS (Poland)-poetess, translator, author of reviews, song lyrics, articles about travelling and social issues. Many times awarded both for her poetry and engagement in culture activity for local community. Member of Polish Writers’ Union. Published nine books of poems. Her poetry has been published in many magazines, anthologies and online literary sites both in Poland and abroad.


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