Thursday, September 1, 2022



Limitless Sky


One magical summer night

the most beautiful sight

fulfilled my broken heart

with such an incredible light.


Shimmering in the dark

the candles burned so bright,

moonlight with twinkling stars

reflected in your eyes.


That deep mysterious look

caught me on the hook,

somehow I felt enchanted

as in Jane Austen´s book.


Was it a sign of love

or just another lie,

I stopped asking myself

what will be or why.


Desire replaced all fears

and the kisses dried all the tears,

I saw the limitless sky

In that blue divinely eye.


Cȏte D´Azur


I still remember that time

When I listened to Chanson d´Amour

On the Promenade des Anglais

On beautiful Cȏte d´Azur


We sat on a bench in the shade

With a sense of serenity and bliss

Watching the stunning Bay of Angels

From la Colline du Château in Nice


Adventurous as we were

We discovered a picturesque place

So quiet from dusk to dawn

When the night hid every trace


The spirit of Marc Chagall

He flew over Saint-Paul-de-Vence

We respectfully left a few pebbles

At the grave where he rested his bones


There was Magie Noire in the air,

A perfume that made my heart dance

And the scent of lavender fields

In purple colored Provence


Drinking coffee at the Carlton Hotel

Where there was always the sun

We felt glamorous on the red carpet

In the glorious and magnificent Cannes


Sadly, it was a long time ago

When we were young, open minded and free

And I wonder if we´ll ever come back

To that coast we still want to see


So dazzled and full of love

I feel never again we´ll be

Like when they shone in our eyes

Golden sun and azure blue sea


How Do I Love You


How do I love You?

I love you immensely

I love you endlessly

I love you painfully

The price of this love is too high

The saddest love

The one-sided love

Love without answer

Full of suffering and misery

Love without hope

The one that destroys inside

Love without a future

Love that has to die




JASMINA SFILIGOJ an economist and aromatherapist by profession, was born on August 9, 1963 in Zagreb, Croatia. She is a bilingual poetess. She writes both in Croatian as well as in English language. Her love for poetry began to develop in elementary school, in the literary group, when the first poems were written. After a long break, she continued to write in 2018, and so far her poems have been published in many domestic and international anthologies, poetry collections and literary magazines. Her poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, Russian, Bengali, Urdu, Malayalam and Arabic. Her writing continues in the various signifying online platforms and web portals.



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