Thursday, September 1, 2022



If You But Want Me Too


I will shelter you

if you but desire me too

I shall lie alongside you.

You can stir beside me

and I shall be aroused beside you

if it's but within your soul

if it's but too within my heart

I'll stumble on your love in the dark

I'll unearth its ebony residence

and together, we'll turn that key

and open the loneliest parts of you

in the most-isolated parts of me.

and together in our hearts

we'll reside like the sun and rain

like fire and ice

like oil and water

but in a complementary role

like night and day

like Adam and Eve

you will be the truest-measurement

the truest part-of-me as only

opposites can be.


From The Cradle Of Life


Open up your heart

be excepting of love

do not just disregard

But attune your pulse

it's a constant reality

beating a passive refrain

till its final finality

we gather and pertain.


There is one vibration

that interlinks all breaths

all living things delineation

no matter how many deaths

or lives we might inhabit

we are all made of water

the cradle of life on our planet

has-memory - it's an absorber.


So let us cleanse our thoughts

and join in spirit the ocean,

the ocean doesn't divorce-

it's itself it remains unbroken.

Every raindrop is a kiss

an ardent lover's embrace

fresh from the skies abyss

the mist on our lips we interlace.


I Nurse My Heart

My Right To Love You


Though your words injure me cruelly

I nurse my heart, my right to love you

I'd never weep or cry unduly,

I don't second guess or misconstrue.


That in-between each storm, rainbows-shine

where slight or lots of rain has fallen,

I have an overview quite crystalline

our love, it's just blossom and pollen.


It can take a bee to uncover

on angry wings the-real-true-treasure

the passion that fashioned her lover

his kisses, weight of countermeasure.


To embrace her and rediscover

her sting is just an acupuncture

her lips, later his cartographer

mapping every joint, every juncture.




MARK ANDREW HEATHCOTE is adult learning difficulties support worker, he has poems published in journals, magazines, and anthologies both online and in print, he resides in the UK, from Manchester, Mark is the author of “In Perpetuity” and “Back on Earth” two books of poems published by Creative Talents Unleashed.

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