Thursday, September 1, 2022





The fire of the blood, the fire of the heart,

Ignited unexpectedly by God.

You are looking for your beloved every moment,

To warm up with her in this fire.


Love covers your entire body,

No one can put out your fire.

Except for the one you love madly

Only she is your salvation.


Unable to extinguish your inner ardor,

No snow, no rain, no rescue service.

Only the look of your beloved will cool you down

Save your burning body from the fire.


Invisible fire invented by God,

The flame of life, the flame of passion and love.

Love is the forty-degree heat of July,

Love is a hot summer, a period of saratan.




Passion is a sea storm of blood,

Which scatters you like a ship

From side to side relentless

It is unlikely that you will be able to hold on to the helm.


Rocks you with the ninth wave,

In his own body, not sparing at all.

You become an ocean for a while,

Raging within yourself.


A storm of passion seizes you,

In which you are ready to drown.

By dawn, the storm will subside for a while,

You float over the calm sea like a tired ship…


Oh, Poets


Oh, poets of the world, how many of you there are in the world,

You are like a breath of fresh air to me.

For you are spiritual oxygen for Humanity,

Is it possible to breathe in this world without you?

Oh, poets of the world, it's good that God invented such an occupation,

Write poetry, water the soul with poetic water.

For flowers to sprout in the hearts of people, fruits to ripen,

So that each person turns into a spiritual paradise.

Oh, poets of the world, extraordinary people,

Who cannot live without friendship, without love.

Without kindness, without mercy, compassion,

Who would we stop wars on Earth if not you?!

Oh poets of the world, angels in human form,

Wingless creatures that can fly.

Serve good, serve mercy, serve the world,

Serve humanity, serve God.

Oh, poets of the world, let there be more of you on this Earth,

May you be on every corner, at every step.

Without you, this world will turn into a monster,

In the animal park, you are the bearers of morality, morality.


I Can't Kill People...


I can't kill people

while killing them alive.

For in each of them I see a brother and sister,

in each of them I see the creation of God.

I can't kill people

while killing them alive.

Because I love each of them

For, I wish happiness to each of them.

I can't kill people

while killing them alive.

Because without them, I'm lonely in the world,

Because without them, I'm not interested in life in the world.

I can't kill people

while killing them alive.

For in each of them I see a man like me.

For. in each of them I see someone's son or daughter.

I can't kill people

while killing them alive.

Perhaps this is my Achilles heel,

Perhaps this is my weakness and impotence.

I can't kill people

while killing them alive.

On the contrary, I want to save them,

Protect, protect, and serve them.

I can't kill people

while killing them alive...

I'm so weak...

It's easy for me to cry…


I Love Dad's Pillow


I loved my father's pillow

I liked to lie on it when he was not at home.

She was so big and soft and fluffy

And all smelled like a father.


I loved my father's pillow

I became a father when I laid my head on his pillow.

He grew older and wiser, felt how difficult it was for him.

On his pillow and saw about the life of the movie.


I loved my father's pillow

That supported his father throughout his life.

I learned to get strong, hold my neck proud

And do not bow your head to anyone but Allah.


I loved my father's pillow

That sometimes touched my shoulder.

So strengthened my broad shoulders,

Similar to the shoulders of the father.


Today my son lies on my pillow,

He probably reads me like a book on it.

He gradually matures, becomes a man.

I want him to become a Human first of all.


Long Road


Promised me life a long way,

Far from home, from the motherland, from the people.

This road takes me further and further,

In the boundless valleys of the universe.

Which has no end, no edge,

Oh, how endless this road is.

As if spinning around the globe,

Like a squirrel spinning in a wheel.

Sometimes the legs are hurt by stones, splinters,

Sometimes they swell from gravity.

But we must move forward, for this is what God wants,

Walk with your feet in your hands.

Go without looking back

At the same time, without shedding a drop of a tear.

Somewhere the Almighty Himself is calling me,

At the end of this long road?!

And I just keep walking and walking

Past the cities and countries of the white world.

Where are you. my invisible goal

The purpose of my life, for what am I going through life?





  1. Replies
    1. Among the poems , I have my special liking for Father's pillow in which growth , humanity , concern and care of a father presented in a lively manner . As to Long Road , a spiritual quest at its most appealing way , presented . ' Oh poets ' - depicts a powerful race for world peace and harmony .