Thursday, September 1, 2022



A No Complaint Girl


She sat and laughed at her own self

Oh what a good girl am I

I do all the work at home and Office

Without any complaint

I do feel at times why do I have to

Work like this

Yes I have to take care of my aged

Parents and my in laws who are

Handicapped for life and have no


My brother doesn't do a thing

He only sits and eats what I buy

For all

I am not rich but I work very hard

For this cause

Sitting on the windowsill my tears

Drips down drenching my bosom

I turn and wipe my face as I

Don't want a public show of my

Emotional stress

Just then a handsome man

Passed by and asked me the

Reason of my tears and I kept quiet

He pulled me towards him and

Said tell me now as I want to know

Why years in your pretty eyes

He held me close and said

No more tears for you

As I find you a genuine person

Suffering so much and I can't stand it

He made a solemn vow that he

Is going to marry her and make her

His princess who once upon a time

Shed tears but no more will you

Shed those precious pearls

I m here to take all your responsibilities

And make you mine forever

He took her hand and slipped a

Diamond ring on her dainty fingers

Both of them smiled looking Into

Each Other's eyes and rode off to

A beautiful place to spend their honeymoon

So another love affair blossomed

In the wintry chill night of December


Sarala Balachandran




Whenever I get up at dawn

What I see is only your face

Those enchanting looks

take me to cloud nine

enjoying the heavenly bliss

I thank God for seeing you

as I get up rubbing my eyes

What a magic in love divine

You have never left me

even for a second

Such is my love for you

Happily I sing and dance

early morning and everyone calls me insane

I smile away their comments

As I know you are with me

throughout and more

When I sleep too you are

Cuddling me not letting

me sleep a wink

Isn't a wonderful love ?

You live in my heart

Rent free as what I want

Is only your love and care

as rent for my heart which

has been lying vacant for long!

I have not seen you

nor spoken to you

but I feel you all over me

An endless love and

never ending passion

and desire !

I don't know what I will do

When I see you

Maybe I will just look at you

till my heart is filled by

your love!


Sarala Balachandran



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