Thursday, September 1, 2022



If It’s Raining


I know  -

If it’s raining

You won’t be there

To hold my hands

When they are wet

But still warm

And dance to me,

In the rain

Like you always do

In my imagination

and hallucination!


I know –

If I stretch my arms

You won’t be there

To hold me tight

And let me cry in your arm

Till I shed my tears of joy

Happiness and contentment,

Of the perfect moment

Of life,

Like you often do

In the story we write!


But my dear,

I also know that

I can live my whole life

In longing and yearning

For those moments

Until our story becomes

Our reality

On the face of the Earth,

If you only say that

You love me with your whole heart

And naked soul!


Love Is For Those


Do not walk in the field of roses,

Complaining –

The pain of the thorns,

Love is for those;

Who bloom like red roses

Even in the blood

Of their own,

Without complaining

About the pain


Warning of the thorns


Singing with

Their own heart’s cries

And adoring that song!


Let's Fall In Love


Let's fall in love with each other,

Once again, like never before;

Free as cloud,

Gentle as dew,

High as sky

And depth as ocean!


Then, let the fire of love

Burn all that's not love within us

Perhaps, the remnants will return to

The garden of love

To find solace

In the soil of heart,

Where, new flowers will grow

Beyond spring and fall

Beyond summer and winter.

And let's fall in love once again

To witness

The grace and glory of that love!




MISNA CHANU is a bilingual poetess, writer, author, humanitarian, translator and an editor from Assam, India. Writing is not her hobby or passion but a call of her soul. Since childhood, she has been writing poetry in her mother tongue Manipuri and in English. She has published two poetry books; “A Little Piece Of Melancholic Sky” and “Many Shades Of Love, one short stories book for children named “Once Upon A Time” and three International Anthologies of poetry; “Under The Azure Sky” (Bilingual), “May Love Heal the World” (English), “Beyond The Language” (vol – I, Multilingual) and one anthology of short stories for children named “Songs Of The Lilies”.  Her poems have been translated into 12 international languages and published in journals, anthologies and magazines worldwide.


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