Thursday, September 1, 2022



Beckoning For Love


You stole the key of my heart,

and left for distant shore.


I still look for you my dear,

and peep through open door.


The golden lock is still with me,

I ensure proper store.


Preserved it with utmost care,

and not just left on floor.


Tried with matching sets of keys,

none did work anymore.


You left your girl in utter shock,

and made her so very poor.


Now, give me back the key, my love,

I love you from the core.


And join the pieces of heart, my dear,

and join the pieces you tore.


Promise me that you'll never leave,

and that I make very sure.


You'll be my love forever,

with every drop I pour.


Our love saga will surely surpass,

all the legends of yore


We will make a history, my love,

and create a new folklore.

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Eyes.....Window To The Soul


Your eyes hold everything my soul thirsts for...... a resting place for the lost.....a light in the darkest of the night..... safe heaven for the wounded.... reminder of universal love..... incubator of smiles..... your eyes are remedy to my ailment....


They say....... the eyes are the window to the soul..... that’s why mine appear so empty and you reach me with a simple look, they tell a tale within my heart.....


Your eyes seem full of languages and fortunately mine has an interpretor.... the gaze of these eyes would unlock the doorway to the world of dreams and love...... no word can fathom my emotions, you can see through my eyes......


Wonder what you would see if you looked into mine...... where grief seems to be the door as long as it is closed..... a barrier between knowing and not knowing...... opened and walked through..... pain becomes truth.....


Looked into your soul through the abstract scrutiny with these crystalline brown windows..... and your vibrant soul beckons me “my Queen, my goddess of love, oh! those eyes, two mesmerising little stars, let me dwell in these forever.”


“Come my King as we create a monochrome image of love forever.”

All rights reserved @ copyright


Music And Love


Rhythm of two hearts beating as one,

weaving the tales in tune.

Serenading age old melody of love,

like playing with sands of dune.

A soothing music, an unwritten script,

infatuated lyrics to please.

Pristine passion, sensual moves like

gateway to heavenly bliss.


Grandeur of purity, angelic guise,

encapsulated by this hymn.

Subtle vibes with mellow essence

coerces so sublime.

Pangs of rapture, unleashes bridle

igniting flames of fire.

Every note while piercing the heart

unveiling the depth of a lyre.


Music echoes while kindling the soul

in solitary candle flickers.

Glowing the inherent body and mind with

unfading existence of wickers.

Brilliance luring towards the flame and

drifted to your lights.

Jingle of thine voice which accorded

too many sleepless nights.


Nights while chanted the lonesome song

of you, my Prince and me.

Witness be the depth of night and

neighbouring banyan tree.

Still, croon the tune of masterpiece, winds

rustling through this tree,

where branches seem to be strings and swaying

leaves to be the key.

All rights reserved @ copyright





ANINDITA MAZUMDAR, an amateur poetess residing in Kolkata, working in an Investment Firm love to formulate poetries and verses out of passion.


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