Monday, April 1, 2024



Human We Are


We live.

We hurt.

We love.

We fight.

We retreat.

We cry.

We hate.

We hurt

some more.

We love

harder yet.

We grow.

We mature.

We become

wiser still.

What’s left

after death?

Love remains.

After death,

love remains.

Humans live

to love.

Even after death,

humans live

to love.


Genesis Of The Scribe


Life happens.

All of the joyous

moments and abysmal,

crushing valleys


in between.

Within that space, we

intrinsically seek out

an outlet to filter all

our pain and angst.

The words pile up into

a kaleidoscope of impeccable,

colorful artistry. In this

finite moment, writers

are born.


Sacred Parchment Sanctuary


I write on these pages.

It is a necessary


where I return to voice

the words I dare not

say out loud.

Within the confines of

these pages,

I am free

to verbalize my thoughts

and truth absent

of judgement.

I write to release into the

universe that which

seeks to suffocate

my soul.

In this space, I am free.

I inhale and exhale slowly.

I write my words and cleanse

my conscience one

thought at a time. On sacred

parchment, the words flow


I am completely uninhibited.


My Heart Is Happiest

Watching Ezra Dance


A carefree, teenaged black boy

dances the night away

in his mother’s love-filled kitchen.

Happy hands and feet

wave and glide soulfully across

the checkered tiled floor.

How monumental this moment.

Watching a black boy safe

at home tonight, from the

rage-filled world outside,

that won’t allow teenaged black

boys to blissfully dance.


Summer Farewell


Burnt orange Autumn leaves

fall slowly to the ground,

leaving behind quiet

Summer memories of ruby-throated

hummingbirds and the

faintest scent of

jasmine vines.




CHYREL J. JACKSON is a Literary visionary and #1 Ranked Best Selling Amazon Author. Reared and raised in the South Suburbs outside Chicago. African American Literature influenced her writing and is one of her favorite genres. Chyrel Jackson writes in the spirit of her past great Literary ancestors. 2021 garnered Chyrel her very first literary nomination, Pushcart Nominee-Poem Love Unspoken, Published in Heart Beats Anthology. The Summer of 2022 Chyrel was a contributing writer in the #1 Best Seller ranked Anthology “Not Just Anybody Can Be Dad.” Along with her sister, Lyris D. Wallace, they published Mirrored Images and Different Sides of the Same Coin. This edgy writing duo appears in multiple published poetry Anthologies, Literary Journals, and International Global Magazines. You will find them always writing. Creating written legacies one book at a time. Chyrel J. Jackson is one writer that has found her poetic voice.


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  1. Happy International Black Women’s History Month and National Poetry Month to you, ma'am Chyrel!!!! Thank you for sharing these amazing poems, I enjoyed them all!!! As Mr. Sarfraz once said, "your words are liquid gold!!!" ~ absolutely precious works. I just created an account on here after reading your poems, so I could comment...this is an amazing site!