Monday, April 1, 2024



One Wish


Under the moonlight

Here we are together

You and me, in this sacred silence

And the grace of God on high


The magic of the holiday intoxicates

The smell of pine is in the air

An untouchable shadow passes

And silently disappears into the distance


Just one wish awakens in our hearts

Let love shine forever

Like distant stars in the dark




From my orbit it doesn't matter

What´s below, night or day

My frequency is strange somehow

As if it's something special today.


From the earth they say:

We can see you well!

Great, I'm not alone that way

I hope you aren´t either, happy birthday!


A Spark In The Darkness


The silence came out of nowhere,

louder than the knowledge

that I'm not there.


I naively replaced the feeling

of sadness and restlessness

with sudden joy and happiness.


Obsessed by the beauty of the past

hidden in oblivion

I let out an ethereal voice

in the desire to live.


Now I'm lying next to you

happier than ever

and you are not aware

what´s hiding in your shadow.


*Translation: Jasmina Sfiligoj, Croatia




NIKICA DOMIJAN is a Croatian poet and musician. He started writing poems at an early age, and set some of them to music. After a long break, he continues to write, and his work has been recognized in his homeland and abroad. So far, his poems have been published in Croatia, Serbia, Cyprus, Russia, Iran, Tunisia and Texas (U.S.A.).


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