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To Dante Alighieri

Who Gave Us All A Beatrice


My loneliness does not know of downpours

walk the streets

and mixes with the haze

that when falling, kisses life.


My loneliness is seen in Dante's mirror

in love with that woman

her name is not Beatriz

but it's the air that reaches my lungs.


I don’t know where i will go

yes, to hell


or paradise.

It's me who whispers in her lover's ear

a caress

the quiet moan when out to sea

a verse and routine make me pop a hundred.


My loneliness pierces

the fire of the nine circles

severely nostalgic

with a mask in his pockets


without fear of injury

because on the reverse of the trip

Charon is waiting for her.


Nobody dies of tenderness

there are abstract footprints

that stain the pillow

When the night goes out.


My loneliness

has the light of the Divine Comedy

the light that shines

beyond the eyes of the poet.


Translation: Leydis Díaz Hevia, Cuba


17 Miles


Leaving is not saying goodbye

take a suitcase

and with the voice muffled

spin time like a roulette wheel.

Leaving is having a hot tea

blindfold hope

and kiss every memory

with lips

wet with tears.


From the book: 90 MILES: SING OF AN IMMIGRANT, Stockholm Project, 2023.

Translation: Leydis Díaz Hevia, Cuba


Soldiers Go To War


Soldiers go to war

with boots clean as mirrors

and a family photo

in some pocket of the soul.


Soldiers go to war

they know they can die

fill their hands with innocent blood

they know they are puppets

with many threads

over the head.


In front of them, other soldiers

they have clean boots

family photos in pockets.

soldiers against soldiers

they face…

They kill.


The soldiers don't know which bullet was

that left a stuffed animal injured

and a child's shoe

under the rubble.

From the unpublished book:


Translation: Leydis Díaz Hevia, Cuba




YURAY TOLENTINO HEVIA. (Güira de Melena, 1975, Cuba). Poet, screenwriter, curator, art critic and producer. She graduated from the Bachelor of Sociocultural Studies and Art Direction. Her work has been published in different magazines, newspapers and poetry and narrative anthologies in Cuba and the foreigner. She has published 5 the books. She received the Master Poet World Poetry Day Award, 2023. Honorable Mention in the First International Literature Contest Carlos Hugo Garrido 2022. International Award "Tulliola - Renato Filippelli", in Spanish language, 2020, Italy. VIII y X Edition of the International Award of Excellence "Ciudad del Galateo-Antonio De Ferrariis", 2021 and 2023, Italy. III y IV Premio World “Cesar Vallejo” 2022 and 2023, Cultural Excellence Modality. World Golden Eagle Award, Artistic Excellence, 2023, Perú-México.


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