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It’s Not Just A Wish


Every year as Christmas approaches

the mind is already working

Looking through her childhood wishes

what more he would like to achieve

and it is always the same what it asks

with so much faith.


It’s the mood that makes you live well

first of all with himself

feel to move without chains

in full freedom and not be oppressed

in every place to promote peace

possibly lasting and not fleeting.


Commitment is that desire becomes action

defying the adversities of hatred

increasingly rampant in every nation

aware that it is not a single episode

of news that resound in the universe

is the reality reflected in the lost brother.


For this more than ever my cry

That you hear in the wind

written in the sky in which I trust

That of the ocean rise blue

the waves to assert with impetus

that there is no prohibition to Peace.


May the wish or dream come true

of peace that we all need.


What Power Do You Have?


Every day news that shakes the soul

upsets even the strongest

Who seldom have tears on their cheeks

those with thoughts always twisted

who believe they are the holders

of a person and his loves


both of passions and of doing what you like

it is certainly pure weakness

if she no longer loves her, she finds no peace

contrive wickedness from his hard heart

He dresses as a king believing himself to be a great sovereign

but as a coward he strikes with his hand.


There are no excuses or excuses

arbitrary has been hitting now is rule

there is no mitigating factor for those demons

murders and rebels for that soul that flies.

In a few minutes in the blurred brain

You made a real mess.


Back you will not come back and

locked in cage broken wings freedom forever will be

My feet stuck in the sand

memory of footprints will remain

in the heart forever bleeding

put them in the wandering earthly hell.

Elisa Mascia


Universal Freedom


I love neither chains nor handcuffs

Or anything that could threaten loss of freedom.

I don’t even love what binds

or keeps mentally bound,


though imaginary,

The man in handcuffs remains.

I don’t like servility or subordinate slavery.

The only coupling allowed

and that I strongly desire

It’s the hand holding

all the men, women and children of the Earth

to drink of universal freedom.




ELISA MASCIA: Born in Santa Croce di Magliano (Cb), on 13/04/1956, she lives and works in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb).  She is a retired teacher.  She is a writer, poet, declaimer, radio host, reviewer, sworn in poetry competitions, cultural promoter. Writing is a real need in life and is inspired by whatever or event surrounds it. She has participated in many national and international poetry competitions, obtaining prizes, certificates of participation, merits and honorable mentions.  You receive invitations to participate in multiple international and world events, commemorative and thematic events.- In July 2019 the first collection of poems was published in the Silloge entitled "La Grattugia della Luna" with "L’ inedito Letterario ".- She participated in 10 editions of the Histonium Prize and in 2019 with the Silloge of 10 unpublished poems inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo who held the role of teacher for her, marking a decisive turning point in the activity of poetess-writer .- You have translated some poems by the poet NilavroNill Shoovro and included in the annual anthologies and monthly archive of world poets edited by the same poet-publisher.  The book of poems "Savage Wind" published by "L’Inedito" by poet Asoke Kumar Mitra was translated and edited in September 2019.- Since February 2020 she is a collaborator in Radio Krysol Internazionale directed by Manuel Antonio Rodriguez Retamal in the program Maktub Azur palabras de amor y vida and co-host with Mariela Porras Santana in the program En Alas del Fénix.  Present on the channel with video declamation of your own poems and of other authors in Italian and Spanish languages. - Since February 2021 she has been the creator, organizer and presenter of the Sentieri di vita program broadcast on Radio Krysol Internazionale. - She donor of voice within the projects: A voice of the dark-Theater in the dark-by Pietro La Barbera. - Since February 2020 she is a member and founder of WikiPoesia.- She is Academic, Coordinator and Administrator of Italy in the Luso-Brasileiro Albap Academy.- She is a member of the Poetas del mundo Movement.- She is the editor of a web page, dedicated to the dissemination of culture, from the editorial staff of Alessandria today, an online newspaper, directed by dr.  Pier Carlo Lava. She is Grihaswamini's ambassador in Italy. - She is a member and participant in the prestigious Golden Family of the Munir Mezyed Foundation for Art and Culture-Romania. - Collaboration with the Nicaraguan periodist Carlos Javier Jarquin. Enrolled in Writers Capital Foundation - Member of the European Executive Council of RENAISSANCE MILLENNIUM III of George Onsy.- Member of the Thrinakìa Prize Jury, President Orazio Maria Valastro - He started drawing and painting for this  is enrolled in El Umbral de las Artes and Nueva Era Cultural for the exhibition of art in the virtual gallery. - From September 2021 collaboration with Ecopoeticos Radio. Poetry Recitation Program

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