Monday, April 1, 2024





She chases rainbows

in the cornfield

among the red poppies



Her golden hair

confuse with ears of corn

yellow like the sun


Clear is the sky and

the nightingales sing

among the branches

of the apple tree


Slow beats

the heart of the universe

and I smile

@ Maria Miraglia


Have You Ever


Never look at him

as he were your enemy


the man speaking a different language

who has a different skin colour


Have you ever looked into his eyes

when pain pierces his heart

darkens his soul

did you touch his tears

to understand if they are

less warm than yours


Have you ever asked him

when he's in love

how he feels about that woman

Do you think she has features

away from yours


Have you ever observed him

when watching a sunset

or when

for the first time

he has in his arms

the newborn son


Talk with him

ask him questions

you will realize that

it is only your fear

nourished by nescience

to keep him away


If you smile at him

he will answer to you

holding out his hand

@ Maria Miraglia 2022


The Rouge Of The Soul


You fear exposing your soul

its truths

and look in the mirror

staring at your image

but almost frightens you

to investigate to the bottom


Your soul is there

well hidden

you can hardly

recognize it and

soon realize of it

you feel a little ashamed

so immediately get organized

to find remedies

not to make it come out

as it is

and invent strategies

to cover it with rouge


you dress your face with smiles

your language becomes courteous

and polished

your lips always open to compliments

or in defense of the weakest

always the first to condemn injustices

and hypocrisies


You love applauses

and for this

take care of appearances

but sooner or later

you'll find again alone

with your Self

@Maria Miraglia




Dr MARIA A MIRAGLIA is an Italian educationist, bilingual poet, translator, essayist, and ministerial lecturer for English language teachers. For a long time, she has been an active member of Amnesty International and several other peace organizations. She is the Literary Director of the P. Neruda Association and a member of several international editorial boards. The poet has received both national and international recognition and awards. Recently, she was elected a member of the European Academy of Science and Arts of Salzburg. Her latest work is Colourful Butterflies, also edited in her native language.

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