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After The Disappointment


i watch it, it doesn't rain

i come taken, with what

i carry from certainty

then after the disappointment

except the dream.        




on the verge of a tale

seagull fell, in

the water .




boiling the messages

the end invisibility

palm trees, are falling

in the valley of the flutes


Her gaze


were broken our lips on

the sight of her gaze .




gather firewood

bleeding sun

selled the horizon

at auction .




lump from barking

the happiness



divides the laughter itself

on itself

who closes the door of , a-ha


Translated By Neina Al-Sartawi


Waiting For The New To Be



Decide your will around me

A circle      

Fix it as a hang   

Making it loose is forbidden that expands

In a narrow way.

When the narrow approaches a father

Who put it’s shadow on us.

Masters of the night become drank

Singing with speech at the beginning of

The down in the end of the feast.

Waiting for the new to be announced

Shooting his last cry, a masculine getting

Old the king of the hard.

And the master of the feminine.

When there is no other masculine.

Translation By: Louay Alani. Iraq


Slaughtered Lame Groans


Who found you in my land

A lie?

Who wears the sedition of questions?

And raised you up in a storm

I made an appointment

You brush my eyelids

The burdened one

My pink baby

How equal your face and the sun

O sin of others?

When you roar in their silence

And reveal the fangs of their virtue

You knock tears in my streets

You climb my calm

Lightly resourceful, ambitious

Dress up the wound

To reach the maximum pain in you

Your flutes cut her veins

You're tearing up

You keep my mark

May he give you lameness

Slaughtered groans

Above all..I love you

over all societies

And above all the ridiculous traditions that bind us

I love you after my life…above those dreams

And candles lit at night lovers




MUHAMMED GADDAFI MASSOUD: A poet from Libya. Date and place of birth 1978 Gharyan, Libya. He studied theater and obtained an intermediate diploma from the Institute of Performing Arts in Tripoli in 2000. He published his poems in a number of Arab magazines and newspapers, and Arab critics wrote critical studies and readings about him. Active in cultural and humanitarian work inside Libya

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