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A Child


A child asleep by the fire, naked in his innocence,

dreams how the Earth was born from fire

and knows the breath of life,

only one sigh created the World and Man,


the hunters came and brought the hunger for bones and blood,

the thirst for tears, they stamped the seal of victory in their palms.

The Earth shook from the weight and greed of the step.

Heaven saw the mark of the Human, taught to conquer.

Only the fire remained unconquered.


The rulers came and brought the bad dreams, the beliefs

that the world is small to be measured, easily accessible

for One gifted with power by the finger of shadow,

with cruelty of eye they created star readers to prophesy:

God of Heaven is in the Human; the Human is God of Earth.

The Earth cracked from the weight and greed of the step.

The sky recognized the mark of the race, seduced to win.

Only the fire remained unconquered.


The masters came and brought nothing new under the clothes,

with the first thirst and hunger they reached out to conquer the stars,

with the power of the rulers they wished to pierce it to the bottom

the water,

with the passion of hunters, they went to tear it apart the Heaven’s womb.

Both the World and Man remained silent

from the heaviness of step and greed, from

the infinity of victory.

Only the fire remained unconquered.


A child asleep by the fire, naked in his innocence, dreams

the hunters, the rulers, the lords, naked in their victory

stand before the gates of fire and God's breath of life.


A child asleep...


Our child is sleeping and breathing peacefully with fire in his eyes

and his mouth.

Heaven knew before the earth was born:

only children have God's mercy...

to dream.




When my step stopped,

I fell to the ground.

I heard the sound of stitches popping.

And, here, here under my thighs they were sewn.

My son's hand stayed up,

to float between the red and yellow tulips.

My chest weighs on the ground.

And I hear the labored and heavy breathing

She tries to comfort me like a loving mother,

and I support myself with the grains of dust.

I see, milk is flowing in the streets

and the freshly bought bread crumbles into crumbs,

because birds are coming to peck him.

When my step stopped,

I lay there petrified.

I remembered when we parted and when he said to me:

this land starved for our mercy,

without being soaked in blood.

If she swallows me, will she be satisfied?!


Only The Night Knows


Only the night knows

the pulse of silence, the sound

of my longing traveling from

mine to your dream and

envelops your body in rapture,

like a gentle cloud covers them

all the secret curves, all the drops

of sweat on your skin.

Only the night knows how

to be a secret confessor

and listens to me confidentially

how I create you from words and sighs,

how I hide you in a perfect poem

which long after us will come alive

with passion on the lips of lovers in love.




SILVANA DIMITRIEVSKA is graduated philologist and journalist, born in Macedonia on 23.12 1981. She lives and work in Skopje, Macedonia. Silvana writes poetry, short prose, essays and haiku verses. She is the author of the anthology “Angels with five wings”, published as part of one of the most famous World Poetry Festival - Struga Poetry Evenings. For her first collection of poetry, “You, who came out of a song” she won one of the most respected Macedonian national poetry awards “Aco Karamanov”. She is the winner of several awards at international poetry events in Macedonia and beyond the borders of her country. Her poetry is published in many international poetry magazines and anthologies (Rendition of International Poetry, Prodigy Magazine, ILA Magazine, Güncel Sanat, Litterateur Rw, Nekazano, Poetic Galaxy Atunis and many more. In 2023, she was declared one of the laureates of the prestigious “Naji Naaman” world prize for poetry and was declared an honorary member of the Academy of Culture of the same name in Lebanon. In 2023 she gets an honorable mention for poetry for her participation on the international poetry manifestation Letterario Internazionale Citta di Arona in Italy. Also, in 2023 she won the third prize on the international poetry manifestation “Tafil Kelmendi” in Kosovo. Her poetry is translated in English, Chinese, Arabic, Serbian, Bengali, Turkish.

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