Monday, April 1, 2024




Nothing Comes From Nothing

De Nihilo Nihil


Doomed to an internal privilege

humanity keeps swelling

having merited its sentence –

from billions who lived


a single one got resurrected.


And So On

Et Cetera


The wind herds a flock of clouds

as ever

as tomorrow


it’s beautifully prickly

under a cautiously autumnal sun


Our bodies’ life is short

but not the one of pines

or of the river

our shadows haunt them

to melt away thereafter


as they did today

as they ever do


Remarkable To Say

Mirabile Dictu


don‘t trust the eyes

they equal a soul

or so they say

withhold your trust


all kinds of thoughts

haunt the clearance of sky and earth

everybody’s nothing’s sanctuary

lend no trust


faulty night dreams flicker

truths burn out like a torch

he is rich who has

he is rich who hasn’t

blessed are the hands

mopping up the step

towards the temple




SVETLA RADKOVA was born and lives in Kyustendil, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the South-Western University "Neophit Rilski”. She works in a financial institution. Her works have been published in the literary magazines "Crossroads”, Literary World”, “Asocial poetry" and others. Svetla's poems have been included in literary anthologies and publications and have been translated in Serbian, Italian and Macedonian language. Svetla Radkova is the author of the poetry books "Things to love"/2015/,"Is"/2017/ and "As today as always"/2022/

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