Monday, April 1, 2024



Let Me Die

Lasciatemi Morire


This is an epitaph

To one love

Full of enthusiasm and passion

Misconception and doubt

Jealousy and escapes

Wrong decisions and drama

Farewells and meetings

Departures and returns

Waiting in vain

Smiles and sobs

Sighs and expectations

Quarrels and reconciliations

Joys and sorrows


This is a monument

To one love

From some past life

Lost in advance

And doomed in the end

Before the very beginning


May it rest in peace




My pain

Deep blue

Like the ocean

It comes to the surface

Every time you invoke

Your memories

Of which I am not a single part

Because they evoke

My memories

In which there is too much of you

And I wonder who is to blame

You who were leaving

Or me who was waiting



Who Knows


You fall in love first

Then you fly a little

On the wings of love

Only the sky is the limit

The gleam in your eyes betrays you

Confusion and a glassy look

Insanity and drunkenness

You laugh and croon

You're acting silly

Everything is beautiful to you

The sun and the stars

The most beautiful colors

And it's all yours

And it can't get any better


Then you suffer a little

You don't sleep and you cry

You feel bad and miserable

So many questions

And there are no answers

Because he's gone

There is no love either

Just a deceptive hope

Sadness and loneliness

Then you finally fall out of love

You stop loving

Sooner or later

So, they say

But who knows...




JASMINA SFILIGOJ is a bilingual poetess from Croatia. She writes both in Croatian as well as in English language. She wrote her first poems in a literary group in elementary school. After a long break, she continued writing in 2018, and her poems have been published in many domestic and international anthologies, poetry collections and literary magazines. Some of her poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, Greek, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Malayalam and Chinese. Her writing continues in the various signifying online platforms and web portals.


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