Monday, April 1, 2024



We Will Be Reborn Again


I became a liar

Then I became a bit rebellious


I did not kill anybody but

I lied

Then I became a trader

I lost sight of her

And lip in ‘smile

Oh yes

We will be reborn again

God no,

He does not do terrible things

He will make us eighteen years again

And I will again love you,

Just like I loved

One more time

I'm gonna joke with your beautiful hair

Then I will touch them and kiss them

And I'll love it again


Your Teaching That

man is made from love


With an inspiration

In spring

Then slowly

Will be

Quiet life

Quiet, quiet ...


London Love


I'm the King of Oxford Circus

Walk over the palaces of the Jihad, the Arabs

I get a good breath once

I have the air to conquer the whole world

Farewell oh my good London

Follow the king

Cut the prince

With his blue, white dreams

And his holy spirit

I wished you

I loved you

My freedom

My dream of life

You just wipe the lot

You give me the breath.


The Shadow


There is a rope

a white coat

and some ground

on a tree that is growing

and blooming.


Two opened eyes,

two opened eyes do not stay

next to a tree that is growing

and blooming.




I cannot write more

A spasm is born from the horizon,

A mirage.


It is called life,

and look.


And everything is a dream,

together with the soul

what sighs

and dreams

A spring.


My Half


I take my part and divide it in two,

I take the other half and divide it in two,

I take half of the half

and once again I divide it in two.


So I go on for years

until my half

never ends.




BUJAR TAFA is a poet, essayist, literary critic and university professor. He was born on January 2, 1976. He has attended the primary and secondary school at Lipjan, and university, postgraduate and doctoral studies at Prishtina University (Kosova). So far he has published the following books: "Agim Spahiu's Poetry", "Mirko Gashi's Literary Creation", "Biographies and Ideograms" (Interpretation of Lum Lumi poetry book), "Parapoetry", "Black Matter" (poems), "Literary contrasts!” (Reviews). Bi-lingual Romanian-Albanian vlium, Bucharest etc.



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