Monday, April 1, 2024



Yes I Do Blame


Over a cup of tea

I thought

About you!

Your lingering thoughts lingered


Over another cup

And another

I realized it’s too much

Never I blame my thoughts

But three cups of tea at one go!

Yes, I do blame

The reason behind.

Copyright©Dr. Gita Mohanty


Status Quo


Neither I’m happy nor I’m sad

A state when I’m occupied

With me,

That awakened me

Who witness everything

The happened

The happenings

And the up-comings

Without being involved

In senses and sensualities.

Copyright©Dr. Gita Mohanty


Waiting Room


They come, they leave

In fact, they come to leave

Between coming and leaving

They rest a while

In the waiting room


Every chair has some memories

A smell, a touch,

A concern, or worry

A joy or an excitation

A feeling of love or hate

Always remains in the empty chair

As leftovers

Of a being


The quiet memories sit quietly in the chairs of the waiting room

Before another memory confiscates the place

Gentle memories vacate the chair

To accommodate another

Even though the memories retire

They never fade away

Layers of faint memories slowly melt into the chair

Uncountable emotions and their untold stories

Remain infused in to the soul of a meditating chair

If you put the ear of your heart they whisper


In an unknown country

In one such waiting room

From one of the corner chairs

I got to know about you

I heard your emotions

Left a smile, as finally I met you

And left a tear, finally I’m leaving too

If anytime you come to this waiting room again

Please meet the corner chair

I felt my fragrance

You are acquainted with.

Copyright©Dr. Gita Mohanty




GITA MOHANTY is an assistant Biology professor in USA, Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India, and post-doctorate from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in Environmental Science and Engineering. She is a passionate poetry writer, with a compassionate heart and beautiful mind. She has written more than one thousand five hundred (1500) poems so far and many are published in various online poetry forums/platforms, literary web magazines, e-journals and several anthologies. Poetry to her is an inner conversation with her own soul, who believes in free flowing and spreading smile across. She also likes painting, photography, reading, philosophy and interacting with nature. She is motivated in serving the unprivileged and presently working for the visually impaired and economically challenged student’s college/university higher education support and their self-sustenance. She believes, unconditional love and compassion are the most elegant characteristics of a true being.



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