Monday, April 1, 2024



The Frozen Rain



when the wind gathers clouds

Up above the turban

The young dreams for a better fortune

Gets lost in the frozen rain.


Disheartening grows in adolescent mind

That spreads hatred among sections

The night steals the confidence and credence

And leaves their eye-lids unruffled

Where mother’s lap and the supper 's table

Lose any mention.


Stretches of frantic moments

Brings in fear psychosis in to the minds of

The budding souls

That leads them to run away to darkness

from the materiality as a whole


Yet a strong bondage of heart and soul

Makes them to believe

That time and tide shall at one day

Swing in their favor

And they shall univocally sing in coherence

With the blowing wind that carry

Their mother and motherland’s grandeur.


The Dusky Sky


It's now not that easy

To sing in tune with the hearts

That continually bleeds with insurgency.


I remember the tune,

We used to hear in those days

In schools and parks

Singing the lyrics of peace and fraternity

A voice of the blue sea,

And a tune

That the night whistled tearing

The dusky sky.


Now my heart beat goes faster

The sky of hopes gets wilted as well

And rains the cannon balls of fear.

The tune I hear

Comes as the yelling of migrant


Looking for food and shelter

Amidst the horrors of arson or incineration

Of truth and morals.


It breaks my silence,

And the tune that I hear

Re-opens the wounds off and on

To revive my sorrows.


The Brunt Of Violence


Signs of depression reigns

All over the land already besieged

In the war zone,

Deceived citizens there of

Paying the cost in an immoderate degree

And yell to get rid of

The belligerent conflicts


War has traumatized life

With an avalanche of suffering

every now and then

All the countrymen strive hard

To deal everything at their finger tips

with desperate reality

Of being used as human shields

A dire food insecurity puzzles the normal man

And forces to struggle for existence.


The world prefers to keep quite

With a nebulous screen wrapped over it’s eyes

Life in the zone and around

Squeezed under fear, fire and fascism

And the world stands as a silent spectator

Of their immense misery and suffering...


Live And Let Live


A war or war like situation

No doubt discomforts the humanity around the cosmic creation

Smarting embarrassment embraces

Most the children and the youth

When schools are damaged, communication interrupted;

Hospitals defaced

Amidst terrifying sounds of explosions...


Massive violence through continual strikes

Escalates rampant fear and create havoc in young minds

When elders keep busy in looking for food and safe shelter for kids

Living a life under avoidable blockades

Ultimately victimizes the communities far and wide

May we not call on now to shape this madness

With a preaching of “Live and let live”


From A City Of Joy


A city hardly ever forgotten

By me and my contemporary generation

Univocally renders feels of a paradise

Beyond any canopied thoughts

and imagination.


No matters

If it not appears in the pages of history

Yet can be located in the maps

Of noble fraternity.


She stands ready ever to welcome you

From time immemorial

With a beautiful smile on her lips

And she awaits your arrival

With corroborated beats of her heart

That breathe deep


Sitting on an abandoned throne of jealousy

I still inhale her fragrance

And often do try to sing the songs

Of Love and Justice in pretty abundance,


I receive the rhythm from the twinkling stars


When the chords are played for Illuminating

Every heart and mind

By the creator of the world

The only omnipotent, omniscient

and omnipresent




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA: Born in Odisha in India has received her master’s degree in ' History ‘and 'Journalism and Mass Communication' from Utkal University, Odisha. She is a teacher by profession. Being a post graduate in ' Environmental Education and Industrial Waste Management ' from Sambalpur University Odisha, she has devoted herself as a Social Activist for the cause of social justice, Environmental issues and human rights in remote areas through non-governmental organisations. Poetry, Painting and Journalism are her passions.

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